Governor Phil Murphy

Statement from Governor Murphy on President-elect Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board, Pfizer Vaccine News


“President-elect Biden has already begun fulfilling one of the most pressing needs of our nation – restoring the prominence of science and public health to our fight against coronavirus. The task force he announced today, stocked with experts who understand this virus doesn’t care about politics, puts us on the road to success against this pandemic. 

“A second shot of good news comes from the exciting announcement by Pfizer of the results of their vaccine tests. Pfizer’s roots run deep in New Jersey, a state whose history is filled with countless scientific and medical advancements. Hopefully, we will soon be able to add a vaccine to this history of accomplishments. 

“Whether it be alongside the President-elect, the experts he has brought to the table, or the leading medical and scientific researchers working on developing a vaccine to stop this pandemic, New Jersey stands ready to move forward with them.”