Governor Phil Murphy

Statement by Governor Murphy on President-elect Biden's American Rescue Plan


“President-elect Biden continues to show he understands that this moment calls us to bold leadership. Getting ourselves in front of this pandemic – and staying there – cannot be done piecemeal and it cannot be done through austerity. It requires bold and equitable investment in our people, in our states, and in our common future.

“This plan meets every need with a real lifeline to American families, real support for state and local governments and for our vaccination efforts, and a real vision for our post-pandemic economic future. I look forward to working alongside the President-elect in any way I can to see this plan swiftly passed and enacted. New Jersey will help lead our nation into the new day that beckons.

“I have said many times that history would not dismiss us for going big and bold but that history would judge us if we fail to ensure that the many needs of our people and our states are adequately met. This is a moment unlike any in American history, and we cannot let it slip away unanswered. President-elect Biden is showing that he wants history to note that at this moment of national uncertainty we answered decisively and we didn’t fail.”