Governor Phil Murphy

Statement by Governor Murphy on the Passing of New Jersey Superior Court Judge and Former State Senator Peter Barnes III


“Peter Barnes III proudly continued his family’s legacy of service – a legacy which began with his father, the legendary FBI agent and longtime Assemblyman for whom we was named. As a member of both the Senate and Assembly, and on the Edison Council before, Pete garnered a reputation as a detail-driven lawmaker who put the need for good policy before the desire for a quick headline. A workhorse, not a showhorse. The things that made him a good legislator and beloved colleague also made him a model judge in our Superior Courts for the past nearly five years.

“He was, simply put, a good man who wanted to see good things come from his work. He could find the light in any situation, with a tremendous talent for storytelling – a Barnes family trait.

“Tammy and I are heartbroken for his wife, Katie, and their three children. We are also keeping his mom, Barbara, in our prayers today, along with all who knew Pete and those who served alongside him. He has been taken from us all far too soon.”