Governor Phil Murphy

Statement by Governor Murphy on President Biden’s American Jobs Plan


“Through his far-reaching and future-focused American Jobs Plan, President Biden is reasserting American leadership. Instead of cherry-picking projects and ideas based on politics, or pitting regions of the country against each other, he has put forward a truly nation-binding plan that will set us up for success for decades to come.

“For us in New Jersey, this plan will super-charge our efforts to build a stronger, fairer, and more resilient economy. It will create good, union jobs. It will energize our emergence as a leader in offshore wind energy, restore our global preeminence in technology and the life sciences, and allow us to do more for our families and communities in terms of safe housing and schools. And, by working to modernize our highways and get the Gateway Program funded and moving, it will ensure we have the safe and modern transportation infrastructure our economy and people both demand.

“The President’s plan recognizes that true and sustainable economic policy must not focus solely on big business, but that it must focus on people. It recognizes that tax fairness and ensuring equity for the middle class, and those struggling to join its ranks, must be a national guidepost. It understands that small businesses and innovative startups must be the focal point for our future economic growth and strength. It recognizes that while there may be, at this time, fifty states, there is only one United States.”