Governor Phil Murphy

This Week in NJ: July 23rd, 2021


Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Provide $135 Million in Small Business Relief

Governor Murphy signed legislation (S-3982) providing additional aid to small businesses as New Jersey continues to provide support to small businesses as they recover from the pandemic. The bill provides $135 million to small businesses throughout the state and will be administered by the Economic Development Authority as part of its Phase IV Emergency Grant Program and NJ Community Stage Relief Grant Program. 

“As small businesses throughout New Jersey continue to struggle from the economic aftermath of COVID-19, we remain committed to providing them with the resources they need to recover,” said Governor Murphy. “Together with our partners at the federal level, the EDA and other departments have provided more than three quarters of a billion dollars to our small business community as we emerge from the pandemic stronger and more resilient.”


Governor Murphy Signs Package of Bills Advancing New Jersey as National Leader in Lead Poisoning Prevention

Governor Phil Murphy reaffirmed his commitment to address lead exposure in New Jersey and its harmful effects on public health and child development by signing a package of bills aimed protecting New Jersey’s families from lead poisoning. 

“In October of 2019, I put forth a multifaceted statewide plan to protect New Jersey’s children and families from the dangers of lead, and today, we are taking a significant step forward in our strategy to reduce lead exposure in our homes,” said Governor Murphy. “Modernizing our aging water infrastructure with new lead services lines is critical in ensuring safe drinking water flows through our communities. In addition to replacing service lines, we must also go further to protect those in older homes and apartments where door jambs and window sashes may be coated in decades of layers of lead-based paints, creating fine particulates that are unknowingly inhaled and ingested. Today, we are taking the most aggressive action in the nation to reduce lead-based paint exposure in our homes and communities, which is a critical victory for public health and environmental justice, and advances New Jersey as a national leader in lead poisoning prevention.” 


Governor Murphy Signs Legislation Supporting Veterans and Servicemembers

Governor Murphy signed legislation (S-278, S-956, and S-961) which supports New Jersey veterans and servicemembers and grants them easier access to higher education, expands access to the disabled veterans’ property tax exemption, and establishes an annual grant program within the Troops to College Program to recognize institutions of higher education that offer extensive veteran programs and services.

“Our veterans and servicemembers have put their lives on the line for their state and for their country,” said Governor Murphy. “The least we can do for them is to make their lives easier by expanding access to higher education, broadening eligibility for the disabled veterans’ property tax exemption, and encouraging higher education institutions to provide needed services. This legislation will doubtlessly help our veterans and servicemembers in their civilian lives and recognize their service properly.”


Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Expand Civics Instruction in Schools

Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation (S854) requiring civics instruction at the middle school level. Currently, New Jersey is one of a minority of states which does not require civics instruction for middle school students. 

“By deepening civics instruction in middle school and high school, we are giving students the tools they need to be more engaged and informed citizens,” said Governor Murphy. “An understanding of civics strengthens our democracy by ensuring an understanding of the role that everyone plays in the future of their community, our state, and our nation. I am proud to sign this bill into law and honor Laura Wooten’s incredible civic legacy.” 


Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver Announce Appointment of State Senator Chris A. Brown, Esq. to the Department of Community Affairs' Division of Local Government Services

Governor Phil Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver announced that State Senator Chris A. Brown, Esq. will join the Department of Community Affairs’ Division of Local Government Services as the Senior Advisor for Atlantic City Affairs, a newly created role in the Department. In this position, Brown will spearhead State initiatives in Atlantic City, including efforts to improve public safety, diversify the economy and create jobs, and improve social services.

“Chris is deeply committed to improving the lives of those who call Atlantic City home, and he will be a tremendous asset for the Administration as we further strengthen the Atlantic City economy and improve quality of life,” said Governor Murphy. “I look forward to working together to address issues like economic growth and public safety. With Chris in this new role, and with Sheila at the helm of DCA, the future of Atlantic City has never looked brighter.”