Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills into law:

S-225/A-679 (Diegnan, Turner/Vainieri Huttle, Mukherji, Jasey) – Provides that student-athlete who sustains concussion must return to regular school activities prior to return to competition; requires school districts to implement six-step return-to-competition process 

S-985/A-3789 (Singleton/Moen, Zwicker, Jasey) – Provides that public institutions of higher education may only reduce student’s institutional financial aid upon receipt of private scholarship under certain circumstances 

S-2826/A-4594 (Ruiz, Cunningham/Quijano, Lampitt, Reynolds-Jackson) – Directs DOE to establish five-year pilot program for issuance of limited certificate of eligibility with advanced standing and limited certificate of eligibility for certain teacher candidates 

S-3618/ACS for A-5778 (Pennacchio, Oroho, A.M. Bucco/Tucker, Houghtaling, Wirths, Burzichelli) –Makes supplemental appropriation of $10 million for grants for certain lake management activities for recreation and conservation purposes 

S-3780/A-5785 (Lagana, Sarlo/Mazzeo) – Permits prosecutors to enroll in Prosecutors Part of PERS 

A-1091/S-2056 (Murphy, Vainieri Huttle, Wirths/Beach, Oroho) – Requires Division of Travel and Tourism to advertise and promote tours of breweries in the State 

A-2617/S-2998 (Murphy, Benson, Reynolds-Jackson/Lagana, Gopal) – Requires employers to provide hiring preference to employees who have reached maximum medical improvement following work related injury 

A-4205/S-2506 (Greenwald, Lampitt, Conaway/Gopal, Turner) – Enters New Jersey into Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact 

A-4881/S-3744 (Greenwald, Mazzeo/Beach) – Prohibits appeal of land use decision related to holding meeting electronically 

A-5142/S-3373 (Wimberly, Jasey, Holley/Singleton, Turner) – Protects homeowner in foreclosure from excessively low intervening offer 

A-5683/S-3869 (Reynolds-Jackson, Wimberly/Turner, Pou) – Modifies Garden State Growth Zone tax exemption program