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Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON - Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills into law:

S-108/A-169 wGR (Gill, Turner/Caputo, Wirths) - Concerns speech rights of student journalists at public schools and public institutions of higher education

S-2834/A-5312 wGR (Ruiz, Cunningham/Quijano, Lampitt, McKnight) - Mandates training on culturally responsive teaching for all candidates for teaching certification

S-2953/A-4785 wGR (Sweeney, Cunningham/Quijano, Verrelli, Mukherji) - Expands scope of inmate reentry assistance and benefits

S-3955/A-5905 wGR (Ruiz, Pou/Timberlake, Speight, Spearman) - Establishes “Rental Assistance Navigation Program” in DCA; makes appropriation

S-3994/A-5943 (Sweeney/Greenwald, Mazzeo, Armato, Murphy) - Temporarily modifies taxes and credits of casino licensees; permanently redefines promotional gaming credits to include certain coupons and table game wagers; requires priority funding for senior and disabled transportation

S-4007/A-5587 (Sweeney/Greenwald) - Concerns matters related to operations and obligations of casino gaming properties and finances of Atlantic City

S-4078/A-5974 (Greenstein, Corrado/Carter, Stanley, Chaparro) – Modifies lists of projects eligible to receive loans for environmental infrastructure projects from NJ Infrastructure Bank for FY2022

S-4147/A-6216 (Beach, Turner, Tucker, Verrelli, Caputo) – Appropriates $16,380,595 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for grants for certain historic preservation projects and associated administrative expenses

S-4274/A-6170 (Sweeney/McKeon) - Provides supplemental appropriations of $500,000 to the Apportionment Commission and $500,000 to the New Jersey Redistricting Commission

A-2455/S-2204 wGR (Benson, Vainieri Huttle, DeAngelo/Greenstein, Oroho) - Establishes pilot program in DOE to support robotics programs in school districts

A-3062/S-1196 wGR (Pintor Marin, Moen, Reynolds-Jackson/Pou, Cruz-Perez) - Establishes three year Financial Empowerment Pilot Program

A-4433/S-2715 wGR (Greenwald, Mukherji, Lampitt/Beach, Corrado) - Creates grant program to encourage school districts to partner with institutions of higher education in training school-based mental health services providers

A-4435/S-2717 wGR (Verrelli, Greenwald, Speight, Lampitt/Beach, Corrado) - Requires DCF to give priority to certain school districts with student mental health counseling centers in awarding grants under School Based Youth Services Program

A-4746/S-3947 wGR (Mosquera, Lopez, Chaparro, Dunn/Vitale, Turner) - Requires that certain provider subsidy payments for child care services be based on enrollment

A-4834/S-3474 wGR (Mazzeo, Quijano, Downey/Pou, Turner) - Prohibits mail falsely implying State government connection

A-5353/S-3421 wGR (Conaway, Vainieri Huttle, Benson/Madden, Turner) - Provides for certification of temporary nurse aides

A-5599/S-3916 wGR (Chiaravalloti, Vainieri Huttle, McKnight/Scutari, Gill) - Establishes order of protection for judicial officer; upgrades and clarifies harassment against judicial officer; bars firearms possession by persons against whom judicial officer order of protection is entered

A-5975/S-4079 (Calabrese, Tucker, Mejia/Bateman, Smith) – Amends list of environmental infrastructure projects approved for long-term funding for FY2022; makes various changes to FY2022 environmental infrastructure funding program

A-5998/S-4098 (Mukherji, Coughlin/Sweeney) - Permits deferred retirement from JRS for member appointed as Administrative Director of the Courts by Chief Justice of Supreme Court

A-6072/S-4169 (Egan, Coughlin, Danielsen/Vitale, Smith) - Increases number of hospitals eligible for highest amount of charity care subsidy payment; appropriates $30 million