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Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON - Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills into law:

S-83/A-1580 (Bateman, Codey/Houghtaling, McKeon, Downey) – Establishes “Jersey Native Plants Program”

S-523/A-1112 (Vitale, Cryan/Murphy, Dancer, Stanley) – Enters New Jersey into Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

S-749/A-2464 (Gopal, Cruz-Perez/Benson, Murphy, Jimenez) – Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for ovarian cancer research

S-771/A-6195 (Scutari/Downey) – Expands workers’ compensation coverage to parking areas provided by employer

S-845/A-4649 (Pou, Singleton/Lopez, Wimberly, Mukherji) – Requires health care professional licensing boards to utilize National Practitioner Data Bank

S-1053/A-4562 (Singleton, Sweeney, Cryan/Quijano, Mukherji, Moen) – Establishes waterfront wage standards

S-1604/A-2808 (Codey, Pou/Schaer, Reynolds-Jackson, Mukherji) – Requires certification of diligent inquiry in residential mortgage foreclosure actions to be filed by attorneys

S-1790/ACS for A-1662 (Pennacchio, Diegnan/Quijano, Jimenez, Danielsen) – Revises provisions required in school district’s anti-bullying policy; provides for civil liability of parent of minor adjudicated delinquent for cyberharassment or harassment; and increases certain fines against parents

S-2811/A-4838 (Singleton, Ruiz/Reynolds-Jackson, Verrelli, Vainieri Huttle) – Requires school report card to include information concerning number of mental health professionals and school safety specialists employed by each school district

S-2817/A-4624 (Gopal, Pennacchio/Downey, Danielsen, Houghtaling) – Allows active duty service members to provide document other than DD-214 when claiming veterans’ preference for civil service

S-3119/A-5740 (Ruiz, Pou/Mukherji, Zwicker, Reynolds-Jackson) – Allows certain students who hold T, U, or O visa to qualify for in-State tuition and allows students who hold T or U visa to qualify for student financial aid

S-3455/A-5262 (Madden, A.M. Bucco, Sweeney/Murphy, Houghtaling, Timberlake) – Revises eligibility requirements for NJ Workability Program and Personal Assistance Services Program

S-3494/A-5516 (Sweeney, Weinberg, Vitale/Vainieri Huttle, Giblin, Murphy) – Adds two public members to State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and prohibits licensure for individuals convicted of certain offenses

S-3501/A-5531 (Testa, Madden/Mazzeo) – Exempts certain commercial fishermen from coverage under "unemployment compensation law"

S-3632/A-5645 (Codey, Vitale/Conaway, Mukherji, Stanley) – Expands exemption from restrictions on health care practitioner referrals; requires certain referrals to be made in accordance with certain professional standards

S-3656/A-5583 (Ruiz/Pintor Marin) – Concerns mass transit parking tax

S-3683/A-5380 (Ruiz, Gopal/Moen, Jasey, Vainieri Huttle) – Requires institutions of higher education to provide certain student loan information 

S-3771/A-2256 (Oroho, Beach/Dancer, Caputo, Burzichelli) – Requires continuation of live horse racing for standardbred racetracks holding sports wagering license

S-4070/A-6153 (Sweeney, Oroho/Danielsen) – Increases thresholds for environmental assessment requirements for certain transportation projects under Executive Order No. 215 of 1989

SCS for S-4080/ACS for A-6088 (Cruz-Perez, Turner/Spearman, Moen, Reynolds-Jackson) – Authorizes municipalities to address certain unlawful operation of all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes through seizure and, in some circumstances, destruction of vehicles

S-4213/A-6169 (Pou/Swain, McKeon) – Revises current law to incorporate provisions of bilateral agreement between United States and European Union on prudential measures regarding insurance and reinsurance

SJR-75/AJR-103 (Smith, Bateman/McKeon, Vainieri Huttle) – Designates April 22 each year as "Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day"

A-1194/S-897 (Zwicker, Jimenez, Mukherji/Cryan, Sarlo) – Provides for temporary travel license to practice chiropractic

A-2264/S-4086 (Verrelli, Chaparro, McKnight/Greenstein, Sacco) – Requires provider of electronic communication service to preserve information reported to law enforcement related to endangerment of children for 180 days

A-2286/S-1823 (Moen, Caputo, Timberlake/Cunningham, T. Kean) – Requires institutions of higher education to provide graduating students with information on income-contingent student loan repayment programs

A-3687/S-3105 (Vainieri Huttle, Verrelli, Swain/Gopal, Gill) – Requires certain family or household members and victims be notified when firearms are returned to persons charged with domestic violence or subject to extreme risk protection order

A-4139/S-2893 (Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Verrelli/Pou) – Establishes requirements for copies of medical and billing records to be provided without charge to Social Security Disability benefits applicants and recipients

A-4521/S-2882 (Freiman, Benson, Mukherji/Diegnan, A.M. Bucco) – Allows insurer to submit to MVC power of attorney executed electronically for certificate of ownership or salvage certificate of title by person who received or is due to receive total loss settlement from insurer

A-5341/S-3438 (Lopez, Houghtaling, Benson/Diegnan, Greenstein) – Updates 2-1-1 telephone system information to include all current modes of public transit and information on access and usage

A-5549/S-4112 (Dancer, Verrelli, McKnight/A.M. Bucco) – Permits nonprofit corporations to allow members to participate in meetings by means of remote communication

A-5663/S-3893 (Moen, Pintor Marin, Wimberly/Cruz-Perez, Turner) – Increases penalties for unauthorized transportation or disposal of solid waste

A-5689/S-3830 (Greenwald, Mukherji, Mazzeo/Beach, Turner) – Makes $25 million in federal funds available to Department of State for travel and tourism advertising and promotion for recovery from COVID-19 pandemic

A-6168/S-4212 (Danielsen, McKeon/Pou) – Revises law concerning insurance holding company systems


Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed the following bills: 

S-4004/A-5950 (Weinberg, Greenstein/Sumter, Benson, Reynolds-Jackson) CONDITIONAL – Establishes database of certain appointed positions and elected offices
Copy of Statement  

S-4074/A-6000 (Ruiz, Beach/Verrelli, Lampitt, Carter) CONDITIONAL – Allows alternative evaluation in place of basic skills testing requirements for certain teacher certification
Copy of Statement  

A-862/S-926 (Chiaravalloti, Karabinchak/Pennacchio, Pou) CONDITIONAL – Permits municipalities to refund excess property taxes paid by a taxpayer who wins an assessment appeal as a property tax credit
Copy of Statement  

A-1219/S-1054 (Chaparro, McKnight/Stack) CONDITIONAL – Requires owner notification of rabies testing protocol prior to testing of owner’s animal for rabies
Copy of Statement  

A-2300/S-3129 (Sumter/Pou)ABSOLUTE – Requires apportionment of membership on certain regional district boards of education to be based on amount of district costs apportioned to each constituent municipality
Copy of Statement  

A-2685/S-4209 (Armato, Mazzeo, Mukherji/Stack) CONDITIONAL – Concerns information on property condition disclosure statement
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A-3950/S-3180 (Verrelli, Benson, Zwicker/Greenstein, Turner) CONDITIONAL – Prohibits employer use of tracking or electronic communications device in vehicle operated by employee under certain circumstances
Copy of Statement  

A-4434/S-2716 (Greenwald, Lampitt, Mukherji/Beach, Ruiz) CONDITIONAL – Establishes Student Wellness Grant Program in DOE
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ACS for A-5075/S-4001 (Burzichelli, Dancer, Johnson/Sweeney, A.M. Bucco) CONDITIONAL – Removes Fire Museum and Fallen Firefighters Memorial from auspices of DEP and establishes museum as independent organization; makes $200,000 supplemental appropriation
Copy of Statement  

A-5336/S-3441 (Benson, Freiman, Vainieri Huttle/Diegnan, Madden) CONDITIONAL – Requires DHS to establish payment programs for purchase of transportation services from private sector and government transportation service providers
Copy of Statement  

A-6108/S-4247 (DeAngelo, Egan, Houghtaling/Madden) CONDITIONAL – Updates licenses offered by and certain licensure requirements from Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors
Copy of Statement  

A-6206/S-4260 (Wimberly/Diegnan, Oroho) CONDITIONAL – Codifies right of real estate broker-salespersons and salespersons to define relationship with broker as one between broker and independent contractor or employee and enforces current and previous written agreements addressing relationship
Copy of Statement  


Governor Murphy absolute vetoed the following bills: 

SCS for S-914/A-2350 (Rice, Cunningham/Verrelli, Vainieri Huttle, Downey)ABSOLUTE – Establishes program allowing certain applicants to perform community service in lieu of paying motor vehicle surcharges 
Copy of Statement  

A-2300/S-3129 (Sumter/Pou)ABSOLUTE – Requires apportionment of membership on certain regional district boards of education to be based on amount of district costs apportioned to each constituent municipality
Copy of Statement     

A-4851/S-4268 (Coughlin/Vitale)ABSOLUTE – Concerns use of steel slag as aggregate
Copy of Statement  

A-5218/S-3404 (Freiman, Armato, Tully/Gopal, Lagana)ABSOLUTE – Allows certain taxpayers to accelerate depreciation of certain expenditures under corporation business and gross income taxes
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