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Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills into law:

2944/A-4162 (Sarlo, Ruiz/Freiman, Mosquera, Jaffer, Moriarty, Tully, Swain) - Credits $5.2 billion to “New Jersey Debt Defeasance and Prevention Fund”; appropriates $2.9 billion to NJ Schools Development Authority, NJ DOT, and NJT; and establishes process for authorizing future appropriations for debt defeasance and capital projects

S-1929/A-3668 (Gopal, Pennacchio/McKeon, Tully, Conaway) - Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriation to provide State military impact aid to certain school districts

A-4403/S-2915 (Pintor Marin, Wimberly/Sarlo, Cunningham) - Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriations of $71,786,000

ACS for A-1522/S-2914 (Moriarty, Mosquera, Jaffer, Freiman, Lampitt, Greenwald/Madden, Gopal) - Establishes annual sales tax holiday for certain retail sales of computers, school computer supplies, school supplies, school art supplies, school instructional materials and sport or recreational equipment.

A-4401/S-2860 (Jaffer, Moriarty, Tully/Gopal, Pou) - Provides one-year waiver of certain MVC fees imposed for driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards.

S-2861/A-4400 (Madden, Pou/Mosquera, Swain, Wimberly) - Waives fees for marriage and civil union licenses in Fiscal Year 2023; appropriates $2 million

S-2523/ACS for A-3852 (Ruiz, Cunningham/Reynolds-Jackson, Freiman, Jaffer, Moriarty, Mosquera, Wimberly) - Provides child tax credit under gross income tax

S-2476wGR/A-4179 (Ruiz, Vitale/Coughlin, Jasey, Sumter, Quijano) - Establishes Thriving By Three Act to award competitive grants for infant and toddler child care programs; appropriates $28 million

A-2359/S-2034 (Tucker, Moen, Haider/Cruz-Perez, Pou) - Provides for streamlining of SNAP application process and establishes SNAP application call center; appropriates $750,000

A-2360/S-2035 (Reynolds-Jackson, Mukherji, Speight/Cunningham, Ruiz) - Eliminates requirement that participation in NJ SNAP Employment and Training Program is mandatory for certain recipients

A-2361/S-2016 (Jimenez, Sumter, Timberlake/Zwicker, Ruiz) - Requires DHS to maintain SNAP outreach plan and to conduct additional outreach programs

A-2362/S-2036 (Freiman, Mosquera, Quijano/Johnson, Ruiz) - Requires DHS to submit federal waiver request regarding time limits for certain SNAP recipients under certain circumstances

A-2363/S-2033 (Stanley, Mejia, Lopez/Pou, Ruiz) - Concerns SNAP services provided at county boards of social services and county welfare agencies; appropriates $250,000

A-2364/S-2017 (Spearman, Pintor Marin, Atkins/Greenstein, Ruiz) - Appropriates $813,000 to DHS to implement use of electronic benefit transfer cards in Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

A-2366/SCS for S-2156 (McKnight, Carter, Verrelli/Lagana, Pou) - Establishes State SNAP Minimum Benefit Program; appropriates $18 million to DHS

A-2008/S-352 (Conaway, Verrelli, Benson/Gopal, Madden) - Requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for treatment of mental health conditions and substance use disorders through collaborative care

S-2872/A-4399 (Scutari, Ruiz/Carter, Reynolds-Jackson, Murphy, Wimberly) - Establishes Behavioral Healthcare Provider Loan Redemption Program within Higher Education Student Assistance Authority; appropriates $5 million

SCS for S-311/ACS for A-2036 (Vitale, Gopal/Benson, Verrelli, Conaway) - Establishes Statewide behavioral health crisis system of care

SCS for S-722 and 785/ACS for A-998 (Codey, Singleton/Reynolds-Jackson, Stanley, Jaffer) - Codifies and expands ARRIVE Together Pilot Program to make certain mental health services available to police responding to certain emergencies; appropriates $2 million

S-2909/ACS for A-4374 (Diegnan/Benson, Pintor Marin, McKnight) - Authorizes DOT to compensate contractors and subcontractors affected by supply chain shortages; appropriates $10 million

A-4405/S-2943 (Benson, Wimberly, Moen/Diegnan) - Concerns New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority; increases Transportation Trust Fund spending limit by $600 million

A-674/S-1646 (Verrelli, McKnight, McKeon/Ruiz, Pou) - Establishes New Jersey Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program

A-3733/S-488 (Haider, Stanley, Benson/Scutari, Beach) - Authorizes student attending institution of higher education to earn credit towards graduation for serving as poll worker

ACS for A-3990/SCS for S-2593 (Stanley, Tully, Karabinchak/Diegnan, Corrado) - Provides temporary one-year extension of service life of school buses for 2022-2023 school year; authorizes chief administrator to allow one-year extension in subsequent two school years

A-4208/S-2791 (Pintor Marin, Quijano, Speight/Ruiz, Cruz-Perez) - Provides sales and use tax exemption for certain purchases made by all supermarkets and grocery stores located within urban enterprise zones

A2426/S513 (Wimberly, Reynolds-Jackson, Schaer/Cryan, Turner) - Establishes rebuttable presumption of pretrial detention for defendants who commit certain firearm offenses under Graves Act

A-4385/S-2933 (Conaway/Cryan) - Makes various revisions to law pertaining to electronic medical records and recording patients’ demographic information

S-2807/A-246 (Stack, Sacco, Cunningham/McKnight, Sampson, Chaparro) - Establishes Liberty State Park Design Task Force

S-2917/A-4395 (Cruz-Perez, Stack/Pintor Marin, Freiman, Reynolds-Jackson) - Expands allowance for developers to carry forward unused tax credits under New Jersey Aspire Program

S-2921/A-4365 (Zwicker, Pou/Coughlin, Verrelli, Spearman) - Revises various provisions of Food Desert Relief Program

S-2945/ACS for A-4392 (Scutari/Pintor Marin, Sumter, Quijano, McKnight) - Concerns economic incentives for certain cannabis businesses

S-2023/A-4402 (Sarlo, Cunningham/Pintor Marin, Wimberly) - LINE ITEM - Appropriates $50,638,729,000 in State funds and $24,082,639,850 in federal funds for the State budget for fiscal year 2022-2023 

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Governor Murphy signed the following bills today, which were sent to his desk yesterday, conditionally vetoed, and then passed in concurrence with the Governor’s recommendations: 

S-2476/A-4179 (Ruiz, Vitale/Coughlin, Jasey, Sumter, Quijano) – CONDITIONAL - Establishes Thriving By Three Act to award competitive grants for infant and toddler child care programs; appropriates $28 million 
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A-4403/S-2915 (Pintor Marin, Wimberly/Sarlo, Cunningham) – CONDITIONAL - Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriations of $71,786,000
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