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Governor Phil Murphy

Statement from Governor Murphy on President Biden’s Executive Order on Gun Safety


“I applaud President Biden’s executive action today to move our nation forward on gun safety. In the absence of common sense among Congressional Republicans to act on further commonsense gun safety laws, the President has stepped in to fill a void and support efforts in states like New Jersey who refuse to sit idle.

“I am especially proud to see the President move to use the federal government’s buying power to promote gun safety principles. I made New Jersey the first in the nation to do this at the state level, and I welcome this step by the President to make it part of our national gun safety dialogue. I am also pleased to see the President strengthen our background check system to ensure that felons and individuals with a history of domestic violence do not unlawfully get access to a gun.

“My commitment to protecting New Jerseyans from senseless gun violence is unwavering. I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Biden in this work.”