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Governor Phil Murphy

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ICYMI: Governors Hold Meeting with President Zelenskyy


WASHINGTON – The nation’s Governors met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy via video conference to receive an update on Ukraine’s humanitarian and security situation and to express bipartisan support for the Ukrainian people in their fight against the Russian invasion. National Governors Association (NGA) Chair New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Vice Chair Utah Governor Spencer Cox reaffirmed Governors’ commitment to Ukraine’s freedom and sovereignty.

President Zelenskyy stated, in part:

“When asking why America should help Ukraine and invest in our defense, the answer is: Just look at reality. Millions of Ukrainian families are torn by the war. This is what the evil state has brought to Ukraine. And what if all this spreads further across Europe, through the cities and lands of your allies?

“Ukraine is capable of preventing the expansion of the war. We are able to defeat Russia on our land. That is why we ask the USA for support, for weapons and finances.  

“The reconstruction of Ukraine will be the largest economic project in Europe in the lifetime of several generations. And I believe America will stand with us in this reconstruction just like you are with us now in our defense. Hundreds and hundreds of American companies, banks and factories are already doing business with Ukraine. Thousands of companies will join our reconstruction project.

“Thank you, America, for the help that lets us win. I invite you who have not yet been to Ukraine to visit our country and to see that protecting our people is protecting our common dream of freedom and dignity for every human being.

“God bless America, Slava Ukraini!”

“As the Russian invasion of Ukraine reaches its second year, it is critical that the United States and our allies remain unwavering in our support of the Ukrainian people,” said NGA Chair Governor Phil Murphy. “Ukraine is fighting not just for its own freedom and sovereignty, but also fighting to defend peace and democracy worldwide, and the defense of their homeland has been nothing short of inspiring. As Governors, we recommitted to President Zelenskyy that our states will come together under this common purpose and support the freedom-loving people of Ukraine in their time of need.”

“The courage and patriotism of the Ukrainian people in the face of a brutal, unprovoked attack is awe-inspiring,” said NGA Vice Chair Governor Spencer Cox. “The United States has a proud history of standing for freedom and speaking out against oppression. Supporting Ukraine’s defense is both the right thing to do and a U.S. national security priority. Utah stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.”

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Governors have taken a variety of actions in solidarity – welcoming Ukrainian refugees, partnering with charitable organizations to send humanitarian aid, overseeing the donation of surplus equipment from law enforcement departments, banning the sale of Russian products, and reviewing state investments and contracts to eliminate any financial support for the Russian regime.

Additionally, National Guard service members have been deploying in support of Ukraine. Guard members are training the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the National Guard has sent critical supplies and equipment in addition to providing strategic counsel