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Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills into law:


S-142/A-4341 (Diegnan, Pou/Freiman, Moriarty, Mosquera) - Modernizes business filing statutes to include entity conversion and domestication


S-435/A-392 (Smith, Greenstein/Danielsen) - Authorizes certain local authorities to distribute live recordings of certain public hearings in lieu of transcript requirement


S-660/A-2438 (Oroho, Gopal/Wirths, DeAngelo, Space) - Establishes that "100 percent Disabled Veterans" are not required to submit to MVC certain documentation to renew parking privileges


S-1033/A-2682 (Vitale, Ruiz/Mukherji, Benson, McKnight) - Establishes "Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Long-Term Advisory Commission" in DHS


S-2396/A-3810 (Madden, Zwicker/Moen, Mosquera, Danielsen) - Provides for oversight and improvement of administration of unemployment compensation


S-2423/A-3746 (Pou/McKeon, Calabrese) - Allows local government deferred compensation plans to invest in collective investment trusts


A-179/S-752 (Carter, Moen, Sumter/Lagana, Greenstein) - Requires DEP to make certain information regarding water purveyors available on its Internet website


A-1463/S-1810 (Lopez, Speight, McKnight/Ruiz, Singleton) - Clarifies penalties for certain violations of pretrial release; directs prosecutor to provide written notice of release to victim


A-1791/S-3306 (DeAngelo, Verrelli, McKnight/Turner, Greenstein) - Establishes “Career and Technical Education Scholar Awards” to annually recognize outstanding career and technical education students


 A-3494/S-2381 (Dancer, Moriarty, Haider/Diegnan) - Allows license plate frame to obscure certain parts of permanent or temporary license plate under certain conditions


A-3946/S-340 (Quijano, Calabrese, Carter/Singleton, Turner) - Decouples State tax provisions from federal prohibition on cannabis business deductions


A-4132/S-3426 (Stanley, Jaffer, Atkins/Cruz-Perez, Turner) - Establishes NJ Agricultural Literacy Week


A-4184/S-2827 (Tully/Greenstein, Turner) - Requires DCA to allow hiring of information technology and cybersecurity professionals pursuant to shared service incentive programs


ACS for A-4756/S-3262 (Spearman, Wimberly, Reynolds-Jackson/Burgess, Ruiz) - Requires Division of Children’s System of Care to establish training program for employees of emergency shelters for homeless


A-4836/S-3417 (Speight, Atkins, Wimberly/Greenstein, Stanfield) - Requires Office of Emergency Management to incorporate into State Emergency Operations Plan framework to address cybersecurity incidents


A-4935/S-3335 (Benson, Spearman, Haider/Johnson, Diegnan) - Concerns electronic transmission of crash reports


Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed the following bill:


S-3110/A-4783 (Smith, Codey/McKeon, Kennedy, Chaparro) - CONDITIONAL - Requires sellers of real property and landlords to make certain notifications regarding flooding


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