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Governor Phil Murphy

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New Jersey Faith and Community Leaders, Advocacy Organizations Support Nomination of Michael Noriega as Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court


Javier Robles, Latino Action Network President: "The Latino Action Network applauds the nomination of Michael Noriega to New Jersey’s Supreme Court. Latinos make up almost 22 percent of New Jersey’s population.  In his nomination of Michael Noriega, Governor Murphy has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that the diversity of our state is reflected on our state’s highest court. Mr. Noriega will also add his years of experience representing New Jersey residents in their times of greatest need.”

Kevin Brown, Executive Vice President and NJ State Director, 32BJ SEIU: “32BJ SEIU has long advocated for the dignity and respect of our workers and immigrant communities, which constitute the core of our state’s rich diversity and cultural heritage. To that end, we applaud Governor Murphy for his nomination of Michael Noriega, a proud Peruvian-American and son of Peruvian immigrants, to the NJ Supreme Court. Through his work, Michael has proven to be a friend of underrepresented communities in NJ, having stood with them in the past, and we trust that he will ensure that justice prevails for these same communities in the future. Latino leadership and representation are critical in all branches of government, and we are happy to know that the Governor shares this understanding as well.” 

Tonio Burgos, CEO of Tonio Burgos & Associates:“ Today I find myself applauding and supporting Governor Phil Murphy for his recognition of the contributions of Latinos in the practice of law by the excellent selection of a former public defender and current immigration litigator, Michael Noriega to the state’s highest court. Michael will bring a breath of experience not just because of his wealth of experience of law but because of his great knowledge of the Latino community in New Jersey.” 

Virgilio Aran, National Organizer, National Domestic Workers Alliance: “Personally, I strongly support the nomination by Governor Phil Murphy of Michael Noriega to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Throughout his career, Noriega has demonstrated a profound knowledge of the law and a commitment to defend those in need and represent marginalized communities. Having Michael Noriega in NJ Supreme Court means that our highest Court at the state level will be more in touch with the reality many families face daily. His years of advocacy for the vulnerable and his commitment to justice and equality will be invaluable to our Court. He brings a unique perspective missing from the Court, one of understanding and empathy for all New Jerseyans.”

Mario López, General Coordinator, Coalition of Peruvian Leaders and Institutions of New Jersey: “On behalf of the Coalition of Peruvian Leaders and Institutions, a Coalition that represents leaders of nonprofit organizations statewide, from Paterson to New Brunswick, and beyond, we are pleased to learn that Governor Murphy has nominated Michael Noriega to the New Jersey Supreme Court. The story of Michael is a story that is shared by many Latino families statewide. Being the son Peruvian immigrants, we know that Michael will bring a unique and wholly indispensable perspective as the third Hispanic on the New Jersey Supreme Court. We join the Latino community across New Jersey in standing alongside Michael, and we are pleased that Governor Murphy selected a pride of our community for the highest position in the State Judiciary.”

Manuel Corales, President of the Peruvians United of NJ, of Union City: “It fills us with pride and joy to know that a leader of Peruvian descent has been nominated by Governor Phil Murphy to serve on the NJ Supreme Court. Michael Noriega's dedication and commitment to justice and public service are a testament to his worth, and we express our support and appreciation for his contribution to our state's judicial system over the years. A Latino voice in this position is indispensable. Thank you, Governor Murphy.”

Sara Cullinane, Esq., Director of Make the Road New Jersey: “We commend Governor Murphy for his appointment of Michael Noriega to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Michael possesses legal acumen of the highest caliber and deep experience and expertise across multiple areas of the law. He has devoted his career to standing up for the most vulnerable New Jerseyans and has worked tirelessly to open doors to the courts so that everyone - no matter their income or where they were born - has access to justice.”

Reverend Raul Ruiz, President of the New Jersey Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers: “As President of the New Jersey Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers, it is my pleasure to congratulate Michael Noriega upon his nomination. Michael is an outstanding example of how far hard work and dedication can lead you. Michael has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to serving the Latino community throughout his career.  We are proud of all that he has accomplished and we look forward to his continued leadership in the law.”

Dr. Jonathan Holloway, Rutgers University President: "Governor Murphy’s nomination of Michael Noriega as Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court speaks to his commitment to maintaining the highest intellectual standards on the Court and for assuring that the Court is as diverse as the people who some before it. The nomination of yet another Rutgers alumnus to the court, who will join Rutgers alumna Associate Justice Fabiana Pierre-Louis, underscores the Governor’s respect for our university and the education that Rutgers provides. The Rutgers community is thrilled by today’s nomination."

Erick Martinez, Latino American Democratic Association President: "As the Latino American Democratic Association, we are thrilled to see that Governor Phil Murphy has nominated Michael Noriega to serve as an associate justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, making him the lone Hispanic on the state's highest court. This historic appointment is a significant step forward in ensuring that the voices and perspectives of Hispanic Americans are represented in the highest levels of government. Noriega's experience as a former public defender, immigration rights advocate, and ACLU outside counsel will undoubtedly bring valuable insights to the court's decisions, particularly in cases related to criminal justice and immigration. We commend Governor Murphy for making this important appointment and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our community."

Orlando Miranda, President of the Peruvian Civic Association: "On behalf of the Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey, I want to congratulate Michael Noriega on his nomination as an associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. We are very proud of his achievements and accomplishments. The Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey thanks Governor Murphy for this historic announcement.” 

Reverend Bolivar Flores, Vice President of the New Jersey Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers:“I have known and worked with Michael for many years. Throughout Michael’s career, I have witnessed his integrity and professionalism. Michael has been a foundational element of our immigration initiative, Espiritu Latino, in providing free consultations to clients in dire need. On behalf of our 468 churches, we applaud the Governor’s nomination.”

Amol Sinha, Executive Director of the ACLU of New Jersey: "The New Jersey Supreme Court hears cases that impact all New Jerseyans, especially the least powerful among us. If confirmed, we look forward to arguing before Mr. Noriega and the rest of the Supreme Court to continue that vital work. Mr. Noriega's experience as both a public defender – the first in the long and distinguished history of the New Jersey Supreme Court – and someone who has represented people in immigration proceedings, will bring important perspectives to the Court and should serve our state well as the Court seeks to promote justice and individual liberty for all New Jerseyans."

Amy Torres, Executive Director of the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice: “Few other attorneys in the state have demonstrated such a deep commitment to fighting against ICE overreach and for immigrant defense. Though our state population is effectively half people of color, and though nearly one in four New Jerseyans is foreign born, racial disparities remain widespread throughout our criminal and legal systems. Mr. Noriega would bring an important perspective and deep fund of prior experience defending liberty and justice for all New Jerseyans.”

Silvia Perez Wenson, President of Peruvian for Progress, Inc.: “Peruvians for Progress is proud to support Governor Murphy’s historic nomination of Michael Noriega to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Michael represents the momentous impact and the very best of Peruvians in New Jersey – we are happy as Peruvians, but overjoyed as Latinos, knowing that we could have a Latino representation in the State’s highest court. Also, as an organization with a large footprint in Union County, we are thrilled to know that the Governor’s nominee comes from this county; Governor Murphy could not have picked a better nominee to fill this critical role.”