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Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Murphy Signs Law Reauthorizing New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund for Five More Years


Legislation Provides Billions in Funding for Statewide Transportation Infrastructure


TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy today signed legislation renewing the State’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) for five more years, which will invest billions to modernize and maintain New Jersey’s statewide transportation infrastructure, while providing additional capital funding for NJ TRANSIT, supporting local and county projects to alleviate the burden on local taxpayers, and creating thousands of good-paying union jobs.

“New Jersey sits at the heart of one of the busiest stretches of commerce in the entire world,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “Whether it’s trying to get home to their families after a long day or shipping critical goods to keep our economy humming, our residents and our businesses depend on the strength of our transportation system to get where they need to go. This legislation will ensure we deliver for them by enabling us to rebuild and maintain our entire transportation system, while creating thousands of good-paying jobs in the years to come and easing the burden of property taxes by offsetting these costs for local governments.”

“New Jerseyans depend on safe and reliable public transportation to get to work and school, and the Transportation Trust Fund is a critical part of our state’s efforts to ensure our infrastructure is safe and accessible for everyone,” said Congressman Frank Pallone. “Today’s announcement is a win-win for residents, workers, businesses, tourists, and anyone else who uses our state’s roads or rails. I’m always grateful to our hardworking union members, who keep our public transportation running smoothly. I’ll continue to fight at the federal level to deliver funding to our state so we can build on this progress.”

“The reauthorization of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund is foundational to the continued investment in our transportation infrastructure,” said Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, Chief of Staff to Governor Murphy and former NJDOT Commissioner. “Transportation keeps our communities moving and our economy strong. I remember the impact it had on our brothers and sisters in labor when the previous administration could not reach a deal in time and projects all over the state were forced to halt or shut down. With this in mind, we were determined – and now proud – to reach a good agreement months ahead of time to ensure that this critical work will continue without interruption.”

“We appreciate the Legislature taking action to renew the TTF, which is vital to maintaining and improving our state’s transportation infrastructure,” said NJDOT Acting Commissioner Fran O’Connor. “In addition to funding projects on Interstate and State highways, TTF funding profoundly impacts our local communities at the county and municipal levels. This bill increases funding for NJDOT’s Local Aid programs so even more critical infrastructure projects can get done at the local level.”

“This investment in the State’s infrastructure is critical for our transportation system, the economy and our quality of life,” said Senate President Nick Scutari, co-sponsor of the TTF renewal bill. “It will put people to work in good paying jobs repairing and improving the roads, bridges, rail lines and transit facilities that are the lifeblood of New Jersey’s economy. The renewed Trust Fund will help ensure an infrastructure that transports people and products safely, effectively and efficiently. It will provide benefits to New Jersey residents for years – and even generations - to come.” 

“The reauthorization of the Transportation Trust Fund will create thousands of good paying, union jobs, and ensure that our transportation infrastructure is safe, modern, and efficient,” said Speaker Craig J. Coughlin. “New Jersey's transportation infrastructure is the lifeblood of an entire economy from daily commuters traveling to job centers to students traveling to businesses bringing their goods to market. Every resident and business are the beneficiary of these investments. The TTF also provides real property tax relief. County and local governments won’t need to raise taxes to pay for necessary transportation projects and improvements, since the state will continue to provide over $400 million annually in funding to cover those costs."

The New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund was established by the Legislature in 1984 and has since been reauthorized seven times. The last reauthorization in 2016, under the previous administration, occurred after the previous authorization had expired, halting projects until a new agreement could be reached. That reauthorization has primarily been implemented by the Murphy Administration, with the largest capital program ever executed by the NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) occurring in Fiscal Year 2021 (FY 2021). 

The law signed today (A-4011/S-2931), more than three months prior to the current authorization’s expiration, will: 

  • Establish a five-year program, beginning July 1, 2024 and ending June 30, 2029, to ensure a steady stream of revenue to support statewide transportation projects. The law annually adjusts the Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax rate by updating the statutorily prescribed revenue target, commonly referred to as the “highway fuel cap,” which is currently based on 2016 highway fuel tax collections.
  • Authorize roughly $10.37 billion in appropriations for the State’s Annual Transportation Capital Program from FY 2025 through FY 2029. Of that amount, an estimated $2.3 billion will be passed on as State aid to counties and municipalities for transportation projects.
  • Provide up to $8.84 billion in bonding authority to the Transportation Trust Fund Authority over the five-year period (approximately $1.76 billion annually);
  • Provide roughly $1.5 billion in pay-as-you-go funding for transportation projects Grow the $2 billion maximum annual capital program amount by 3% per year in years three, four, and five of the reauthorization, which coincides with the end of the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding. This incremental revenue growth will be split evenly among NJ DOT, NJ TRANSIT, county governments, and municipal governments, providing greater investment at the county and local level and relieving the pressure on local property taxpayers to fund infrastructure investments.
  • Bolster NJ TRANSIT by providing an additional $91.75 million over the last three years of the program to augment the $767 million the agency currently receives annually from the TTF to fund new capital projects. By year five, NJ TRANSIT will receive over $813 million annually for capital projects.
  • Establish an annual electric vehicle fee of $250 (with increases of $10 per year in each of the remaining four years), which will ensure that all motorists using the roads share in the responsibility to maintain their conditions.
  • Delay the annual tax rate adjustment for sales of gasoline and diesel motor fuel by three months, from October 1 to January 1, so that any rate changes will coincide with the start of the new year.

“The state’s infrastructure is the backbone of commerce and the economy in New Jersey. Our roads, bridges, tunnels and railways need to be repaired, maintained and improved,” said Senator Paul Sarlo, chair of the Senate Budget Committee and prime Senate sponsor of the legislation. Renewing the Trust Fund will address the state’s infrastructure needs, create jobs and fuel economic growth. The annual investments of $2 billion and more will create tens of thousands of jobs and generate billions of dollars in economic activity that will literally help build New Jersey’s future,”

“By extending the Transportation Trust Fund, we are ensuring that vital infrastructure projects that drive our economy and enhance the lives of our residents can more forward,” said Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese, prime Assembly sponsor of the legislation. “Investments made in our transportation sector have a significant economic impact, including the creation of more than 20,000 jobs annually. Capital projects demand long-term planning and funding certainty and the renewal of the TTF means these projects can move forward without delay.”

“By reauthorizing the Transportation Trust Fund, we are investing in necessary infrastructure projects along with the long-term economic success of our state,” said Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly. “This legislation will create thousands of new jobs - boosting our economy and helping to ensure that our state remains competitive. Communities all across our state will benefit from our investment in transportation, which will keep our bridges and roads safe."

“An investment in our infrastructure is an investment in the future of our State,” said Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez. “By reauthorizing the Transportation Trust Fund, we are securing our best-in-class transportation network, ensuring the completion of our most pressing capital projects, and generating thousands of jobs for our hardworking members in labor. The many industries and businesses that call New Jersey home depend on our roadways and bridges to be in good order and through this reauthorization we are supporting our economy and our residents for generations to come.”

“We have a responsibility to the residents of New Jersey to make sure our roads, bridges and tunnels are structurally sound,” said Assemblywoman Garnet Hall. “Reauthorizing the TTF will enable us to fund projects that uphold that important commitment, while creating thousands of new jobs.”

“It’s vitally important to fund the transportation trust fund, so that the state, counties and our local municipalities can have a steady funding source for our roads and infrastructure. Between stormwater management and road repairs and paving, we can’t continue to fund most of it with our already high property taxes without help from the TTF. It’s just not feasible,” said Maplewood Mayor Nancy Adams

“I fully support the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund and its vital role in maintaining and improving our state's transportation infrastructure. The TTF Authority plays a crucial role in financing essential projects that enhance safety, alleviate congestion, and promote economic growth,” said New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill. “Through programs like the Municipal Aid Grant Program, municipalities like ours receive much-needed assistance to address the challenges facing our roads, bridges, and transportation systems. By working together and leveraging the resources provided by the Transportation Trust Fund, we can continue to improve the quality of life for residents in New Brunswick and across New Jersey.”

“As Mayor of Trenton, the Capital City of New Jersey, I commend the passage of Assembly Bill 4011/Senate Bill 2931, reauthorizing the Transportation Trust Fund. I applaud the Governor’s work ensuring Infrastructure remains the lifeblood of our economy. The bill signed by the Governor ensures the continuation of vital projects that drive prosperity and enhance the lives of our residents. It is imperative that the State continues to invest in our transportation infrastructure and we should celebrate that our Governor’s commitment will safeguard the future of our state's infrastructure and the prosperity of all New Jerseyans,” said Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora.

“Investing in the transportation trust fund is not only needed, but necessary for our community, county, and state. We need a reliable funding source for our roads and infrastructure. Road repairs, paving, and stormwater management are already such a burden on small municipalities like ours, and we cannot continue to finance these projects without help from the TTF. I wholeheartedly support this bill and look forward to the assistance it will bring communities like ours across our great state,” said Barrington Mayor Kyle Hanson.

“As mayor, I prioritize the infrastructure crucial to our community, particularly roads and bridges, ensuring safety for residents whether they use public transport or drive. I appreciate this administration's leadership in acknowledging the significance of funding the TTF,” said Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach.

“The Transportation Trust Fund provides funding for infrastructure projects that otherwise would not be financially feasible for municipalities. Investments in municipal infrastructure have a direct impact for residents and our local economy, keeping our roadways safe and businesses moving,” said Winslow Township Mayor Marie Lawrence.

“In a small community like Fanwood every penny matters – particularly when it comes to staying on top of our infrastructure needs. The transportation local aid funding is critical because it comes to us as grants to help offset what we would have to raise through property taxes, while also allowing us to keep on improving our local roads and infrastructure which benefits everyone who lives here,” said Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr.

“Thank you to Governor Murphy and our State Legislature for enacting this critically important bill,” said Hamilton Township Mayor Jeff Martin. “Hamilton has been able to repair numerous roads though the TTF to continually improve our infrastructure and attract new residents and businesses to town. This law will ensure that commitment exists into the future.”

“As the Mayor of a small rural New Jersey town, I hate to think what our tax rate would be without the ability to access road improvement grants from the NJDOT funded by TTF dollars. These NJDOT programs help save our residents tax dollars that otherwise would have to be raised to repair our roads,” said Hope Mayor Tim McDonough.

“Without the continuation of the Transportation Trust Fund program, my town of Woodbine, along with many of the other economically distressed communities in New Jersey, could ill afford necessary capital improvements to their transportation infrastructure,” said Woodbine Mayor Bill Pikolycky. “Using TTF funding, Woodbine has been able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital improvements to our roads, drainage, bikeways, pedestrian improvements and traffic calming, something that would never have happened without the TTF program.”

"I am proud of the passage of this critical legislation to reauthorize the Transportation Trust Fund,” said Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh. “Investing in our infrastructure is crucial for the economic vitality and well-being of Paterson and New Jersey. Moreover, this legislation would not only make much-needed upgrades to our outdated infrastructure and enhance safety and efficiency for residents, but it would also create thousands of quality jobs and produce billions in economic returns through state investments."

“Infrastructure development is vital to the growth of our economy. Small municipalities like mine don't necessarily have the resources to fund infrastructure projects like roads and stormwater issues. With our limited resources, the transportation trust fund is an important tool for building our infrastructure,” said Penns Grove Mayor LaDaena Thomas.

“Safe roads mean safe townships,” said Piscataway Mayor Brian C. Wahler. “Making sure that our Transportation Trust Fund is secure and solvent is a wise investment for our families and our future.”

“Once Again, Governor Murphy is standing with aged urban municipalities that depend on this kind of support to keep our cities strong. Our state is stronger because of its great transportation network and the cities that support it. The jobs and economic growth that result from this legislation will go a long way in moving Orange and the State of New Jersey forward,” said City of Orange Mayor Dwayne D. Warren.

“Renewing the Transportation Trust Fund is great news for New Jersey. It ensures we have a stable source of funding to maintain, repair, and modernize our transportation infrastructure. It also demonstrates that our elected officials are willing to do the work to keep our infrastructure safe and efficient, our economy strong, and construction workers working,” said Michael E. Hellstrom, Vice President and Eastern Regional Manager of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA). "On behalf of LIUNA's 25,000 members in New Jersey, we are grateful to Governor Murphy, Senate President Scutari, Speaker Coughlin and the bill's sponsors for their leadership in passing this important piece of legislation.”

“Our infrastructure is the foundation of a strong New Jersey economy. A well maintained and enhanced transportation system keeps New Jersey competitive. The replenishment of the Transportation Trust Fund is not only a sound investment in our critical infrastructure, but it will help increase economic productivity and foster long-term economic growth by creating construction employment and making our transportation system more efficient, reliable and safe,” said Michael Egenton, Executive Vice President of Government Relations for the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce. 

“The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has consistently supported investment in the state’s infrastructure, and we were a proud advocate for the legislation signed into law today,” said Charles Wowkanech, President of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO. “Not only will this go a long way to ensure our transportation needs are met, but it will create good, family-sustaining union jobs in the construction trades and spur local economic growth.”

"This is an historic day for New Jersey – historic for everyone who lives, works, plays and visits here,” said Jerry Keenan, President, New Jersey Alliance for Action. “It’s New Jersey’s biggest transportation funding decision in eight years. These projects create jobs and opportunities. The jobs mean careers and the ability to put down roots here. And the opportunities? They're everywhere. It doesn't matter if you're going to work, the Shore or to visit family. We all want safe and reliable transportation options."

“The League appreciates the work of the Governor and the legislative sponsors for the extension of the Transportation Trust Fund. This funding supports the local infrastructure that allows workers to get to their jobs, children to get safely to school, first responders to quickly arrive to emergencies, commerce to move more efficiently and local budget makers to provide tax relief to residents,” said Michael Cerra, Executive Director of the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

“NJAC commends Governor Murphy and legislative leadership for renewing the Transportation Trust Fund as a stable, dependable, and long-term source of constitutionally dedicated funding that will continue to ensure a safe and reliable network of roads and bridges across the Garden State. As a vital component of the Fund, Local Aid allocations to counties and municipalities provide critical property tax relief, promote economic growth and development, and protect the motoring public on local roads and bridges,” said John Donnadio, Executive Director of New Jersey Association of Counties.

"The recent reauthorization of the Transportation Trust Fund will help to support our long-standing infrastructure needs in New Jersey, paving the way for people and goods to move where they need to be safely, quickly, and conveniently,” said William Mullen, President of the New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council. “Continued and sustainable investment in New Jersey’s transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our economy and will pay dividends for generations to come.”

“ACCNJ is pleased with the reauthorization of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund, which is vital to the overall economic stability and quality of life for all New Jersey’s residents and taxpayers,” said Jack Kocsis, CEO of the Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey. “We look forward to seeing the many work opportunities TTF creates for contractors and skilled, trained craftworkers, most of whom reside and raise their families in New Jersey.”

“This is a modest, responsible renewal of the Transportation Trust Fund Authority that will maintain a robust level of investment in New Jersey's roads, bridges and transit systems,” said Joseph A. Fiordaliso, President, American Council of Engineering Companies of New Jersey.” A strong and resilient transportation network fuels our State’s economy and allows for the safe travel of our nine million residents. ACECNJ applauds Governor Murphy and legislators from both parties who support investment in transportation.”

“The Transportation Trust Fund provides essential funding necessary to build and maintain New Jersey’s critical transportation infrastructure,” said David Rible, Executive Director of the Utility & Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey (UTCA). “We commend the Legislature for passing this bill and applaud Governor Murphy for enacting this measure which is a significant investment in bolstering New Jersey’s safety, economic well-being and quality of life.”