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The New Jersey Hospital Care Payment Assistance Program (Charity Care) is available to patients for inpatient and outpatient services at all acute care hospitals throughout New Jersey. Medically necessary services at Acute Care hospitals may be eligible for a reduced cost for patients who meet income and asset criteria.

Charity Care is not health insurance; however subject to program eligibility, free or reduced charge care is available to patients, which can help cover the cost of hospital bills and reduce out-of-pocket patient expenses. Please note that services such as private physician fees, anesthesiology fees, radiology interpretation, and outpatient prescriptions are separate from hospital charges and may not be eligible for reduction.

Applications are available at all NJ acute care hospitals. Eligibility determination is done at the hospital where the medical service is provided when the completed application is submitted. Questions or concerns from the public and from hospitals regarding Charity Care, its implementation, and interpretation of program regulations and policy may be directed to Department staff within the Charity Care Unit. Please visit the Contact Us page for more information.

Charity Care at a Glance

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