Law Enforcement

In the course of their duties, law enforcement officers may interact with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. To ensure that deaf and hard of hearing individuals can effectively communicate with law enforcement and access their services, the Division has updated standard operating procedures for law enforcement agencies to use. Please see here for the standard operating procedures.

As noted, DDHH maintains a directory of sign language interpreters including those qualified to work in legal settings. Please see our list here and contact our office should you need assistance.

The Division hopes the template is helpful to your agencies. If you would like to request deaf and hard of hearing sensitivity training which includes an overview of the standard operating procedures, please fill out our training form which can be found here

Please reach out to DDHH at or call 609-588-2648 if you or any other member of your law enforcement agency has questions about best practices for interacting with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. DDHH is a resource to your agencies and can assist with serving deaf and hard of hearing needs.

Check out DDHH’s law enforcement communication cards available for download here: Wallet Size/Large Card