Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (TJQMBB) is an evidence-based exercise training program that was designed for older adults at risk of falling and/or people with balance disorders. The program was developed at Oregon Research Institute by Fuzhong Li, Ph.D.

TJQMBB is a 24-week program consisting of 60-minute sessions that meet 2-3 times per week in groups of 8-10 particpants. Unlike traditional Tai Ji Quan routines that are used as a martial art or recreational activity, TJQMBB focuses on improving balance and preventing falls by addressing common, but potentially debilitating, functional impairments/deficits.

During the class, particpants learn:

  • 8 forms routine of balance techniques
  • 11mini-therapeutic movements
  • how to improve balance, mobility, walking and physical/mental well-being
  • self-awareness and controlling body movements in performing various activities of daily life

TJQMBB is currently available in selected counties. For information on how to find a class in your area, please contact the NJ Division of Aging Services at 609-438-4797.

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