Listed below are all Civil Service Job Titles for Human Services Police. In order to retain employment with this agency, you must first apply for and pass the Civil Service Law Enforcement Examination (Except Communications Operator Title). You will be ranked by test score and Military Veterans Preference.

You must then complete a thorough background investigation, medical examination and psychological evaluation.

Upon being hired, you will be required to complete an accredited police academy and receive a Certificate from the New Jersey Police Training Commission.

Security Officer

Police Officer Recruit,Human Services

Police Sergeant, Human Services

Police Lieutenant, Human Services

Regional Police Commander (Captain)

Police Chief, Human Services

Transfer Jobs (Intergovernmental Services)

The Intergovernmental Transfer Program is a voluntary program which offers current New Jersey's Merit System employees the opportunity to transfer from one jurisdiction to another, while maintaining permanent civil service status. The transfer program is for employees who already have a job in Public Service and hold a State or local government job title.

Intergovernmental Services Vacancy Postings

Civil Service Commission

Visit the NJ Civil Service Commission webpage to view ongoing information regarding job opportunities.

Security Officer to Recruit Hiring

Through a pilot program with the NJ Civil Service Commission, the NJSHP may recruit individuals as Security Officers on an employment track to be Recruits and, ultimately, a Senior Police Officers. Promotion through the process is contingent successful completion of the full employment process. Those interested can send a resume to the NJSHSP at DHS-HSP.recruiting@dhs.nj.gov or call 609-777-0757.

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