Division of Employer Accounts

Judgments, collections, and bankruptcies

judge signing papers in his chambers

If your account is in default, a judgment will be entered in Superior Court. A lien may be placed upon your assets by the Division of Employer Accounts.

If you would like to enter into a payment plan or pay off the liability on a judgment, call our Collections Unit at 609-633-6400, option 1, or email Collection.Mailbox@dol.nj.gov.

To search for the status of a judgment or verify that a judgment has been satisfied, visit the New Jersey Courts website.

What we do

Our unit handles all matters related to bankruptcies, legal judgments, liens, and levies, including - but not limited to - the following:

  • Mailing prejudgment and judgment letters
  • Processing judgments
  • Processing writs of execution
  • Submitting writs to Superior Court
  • Communicating with sheriff offices, banks, and courts
  • Processing sheriff and court cost payments
  • Processing turnover orders
  • Updating judgments
  • Processing judgment and writ adjustments
  • Processing checks from the sheriff
  • Issuing Warrants of Satisfaction
  • Issuing Clear Statements
  • Submit Proofs of Claim to Bankruptcy Courts