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2023 Rate Change

NOTICE: As of 1/01/2023 the cost per gallon for every Connection Unit file increased by 10 cents per gallon over the 2022 rate. Any file submitted and invoiced prior to this date, which is in good standing, will have 30 days from the invoice date to satisfy any fees at the 2022 rate. (unless the invoice is older than 45 days) 


Thank you for your continued cooperation. Should you have any questions please call the Connections Unit office at (973) 817-5706. 

The Purpose of the Sewer Connection Fee

Since the ratepayers and municipalities have invested large sums of money to construct the PVSC treatment works, it is necessary that new projects seeking to expand the service base pay a proportionate share of this investment in the form of a Connection Fee. Connection fees are essentially a one-time fee for the ability to send wastewater to the PVSC treatment works. When applicable, a physical connection is made to the municipality and never directly into any PVSC-owned line.

A Sewer Connection Fee Is Due To PVSC When:

  • Any new physical connection to a municipal sewer is going to be made.
  • There is a proposed change in the use, operation, or increased discharge intensity from an existing connection, even though a new connection is not made. (PVSC Rules and Regulations (R&R) 602.6 & 602.7)

How can I contact the PVSC Connection Unit?

Please call PVSC to determine the day and time that a PVSC Inspector will be available to assist you.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic PVSC may have limited access to certain Municipalities and has the ability to help remotely via email


Tel: 973-817-5706 Or Fax: 973-466-2712

Mail: Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

             600 Wilson Avenue

             Newark, NJ 07105

             Attn: Connections Unit, ICB


(Please include the PVSC Inspector's name, Full street address and file number if available) 

You may also contact your local construction office to determine the day and time that a PVSC Inspector will be available in the municipality, to assist you. Please always refer to the PVSC file number if available.

Do all applications to PVSC Result in a Connection Fee?

No, approximately only 1 in 3 files have any fees associated with them. PVSC Inspectors review a wide range of documents to get a clear understanding of how each project will impact the PVSC treatment works and their eligibility for credit. If a file is reviewed but results in no fees, PVSC will provide a letter endorsing the project to be presented to the local Construction Official.


Is this a new Rule?

No. Sections 602.6 and 602.7 of the PVSC Rules & Regulations became effective on June 18, 1998. Each municipality's Sewer Use Ordinance has subsequently adopted these regulations by reference.

How are the fees calculated?

The impact calculations are performed using the  N.J.A.C. 7:14A-23.3 - Projected Flow Criteria, as basis for fee calculation. These fees and individual criterium are outlined in the PVSC Sewer Connection Application.  Upon verification, credit for existing use may be applied to all projects actively generating wastewater into the PVSC system. Every new, changed or increased discharge via a connection made to the local sewer system which conveys wastewater to PVSC will be required to apply for a PVSC connection approval. There is a $250 Administrative Fee as well as a gallonage Fee for the projected amount of flow to be discharged from the applicant. (Please do not send any payments without first being issued a file number) PLEASE NOTE: Projects deemed vacant, abandoned or those which have not generated a discharge to the treatment works in the last 5 years will not qualify for credit. All applications for credit will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with PVSC Rules & Regulations Section 602.6 (j). Please DO NOT SEND any fee payment until a file number and an invoice have been issued as many reviews result in little to no fee.


How can I obtain a copy of the Application?

Contact the PVSC Inspector for the municipality in which the project is located, and arrange to meet them at that Construction Code Office/ Building Department. Alternately, you can print an on-line, fillable application easily found at: https://www.nj.gov/pvsc/what/connect/ OR https://www.nj.gov/pvsc/home/forms/index.html

What do I have to include in my application?

Guidance is listed on the form entitled "Sewer Connection Submittal Requirement Checklist" which is page 1 of the Connection Application Calculate form. Each Inspector can also advise as to the extent of verification documents, plans or paperwork needed.


What is PVSC’s process for providing its consent for a Treatment Works Approval (TWA) Application?

Please contact or email Frank Grant (fgrant@pvsc.com) at (973) 817-5706. He will offer further instructions on how to proceed.


How do I go about paying the fee?

Normal methods are:

  • A Check or Money Order can be used and should be made payable to "Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission" or "PVSC." Any check or money order will carry a 14 business-day clearance time.
  • A Wire Transfer is safe, preferred, and will help to expedite your approval. Please contact PVSC for wiring instructions. A wire transfer typically takes one to two business days to clear. (Fastest way of paying)
  • Do not remit any payment without meeting with an Inspector and receiving a PVSC file number and an invoice.
  • Cash is never an acceptable method of payment.
  • Credit Card payments cannot be accepted at this time.


      • Any check returned for insufficient funds will carry with it an additional $25 processing fee.
      • PLEASE NOTE: The new balance must be reconciled via Wire Transfer only.
      • It is important to note the PVSC file number or project address on the check or wire transfer, so that PVSC can discern what file the payment should be credited to.

How long does it take to receive a release or an endorsement letter to proceed?

A typical application should take about two weeks to process but will be held until the bank has cleared the check or verified the wire transfer. If you have satisfied all other application requirements but need a quicker turn-around you should contact the PVSC Inspector to initiate a wire transfer as this could save you time over the 14 day holding period for a check or money order. PLEASE NOTE: Credit Card Payments are currently not accepted.

Once I have paid how can I obtain a copy of the Release?

Once fees are satisfied or required documents are reviewed you can contact the PVSC Inspector either by phone or email to arrange a copy of your release.

  • We can and will issue a digital release via email, once payment is verified.
  • Also, an Endorsement letter is sent via USPS the next mailing cycle.

What happens if I fail to comply?

A PVSC Inspector will not sign off on your project. (Required under the NJAC 5:23) Without a PVSC endorsement, neither a Construction Permit nor a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be granted by the municipality or agency. Once all of the PVSC requirements are met, a copy of the letter or a release from PVSC is presented to the local Construction Code Official or equivalent. Any instances of non-compliance will be subject to enforcement under PVSC's Rules & Regulations.