What We Do

Liquid Waste Acceptance

In 1996, PVSC began accepting non-hazardous liquid waste from outside of its Sewer Service Area. The liquid waste can be delivered to PVSC via truck or barge. Since its inception, Liquid Waste Acceptance (LWA) has continually grown, and currently accepts approximately 200 trucks per day, as well as two barges and two ships per week. LWA has served clients from 11 different states from Maine to Virginia. LWA sales representatives can be contacted at 973-466-2567.

What Do We Accept?

  • Non-hazardous Industrial Waste (including Categorical Wastes)
  • Wastewater Sludges and Digester Cleanout
  • Potable Water Sludges
  • Commercial Wastes
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Grease Trap Cleanout (Restriction Apply)
  • Sanitary Waste
  • Septage
  • Groundwater

How Do We Accept Liquid Waste?

  • LWA has twenty (20) truck discharge stations located throughout the treatment facility.
  • PVSC has an 800 foot long dock located on the Newark Bay. The recently dredged dock area can accommodated up to two large vessels at a time.
  • PVSC owns and maintains a rail siding off a highly active rail line.

When Do We Accept Liquid Waste?

LWA has a dedicated staff that provides service for customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. LWA utilizes an "E-Z Pass" type system to track trucks utilizing our facility. Bar coded manifests and samples are also utilized. These state-of-the-art systems allow LWA to consistently provide turn-around times of 15 minutes or less.

Where is PVSC?

PVSC is located adjacent to the New Jersey Turnpike, between exits 14 and 15E, with easy access to Interstate Highways 78 and 80, and State Highways 1&9, 21, 22 and 440. Click for Directions

What is the Approval Process?

  •  Applications are available Click Here 
  • Completed applications can be returned via fax at 973-466-3194 or e-mailed to your sale representative at LWAApplication@pvsc.com
  • Once LWA determines that a waste stream may be acceptable, if required, a PVSC Industrial Inspector will perform an on-site inspection.
  • Upon final acceptance of the waste steam, LWA will forward an acceptance letter and required Agreements for execution.

Application Procedure

Contact us at the following phone numbers to receive applications or to speak to a sales representative:

Phone:  973-817-5722
Fax:  973-466-3194


Or submit a letter requesting permission to discharge liquid waste and a completed application form to:

Attn: Liquid Waste Acceptance Program
Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission
600 Wilson Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07105

Upon acceptance, PVSC will send you the required agreement for execution.

Permittee Monthly Monitoring Reports

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) has established a new email address, MrSubmitLWA@pvsc.com for Liquid Waste Acceptance Industrial Permit Users to submit their respective MR-1 and MR-3 reports. Once PVSC LWA Department receives the report, a receipt email will be sent to the User. This tool should only be used for the submission of the aforementioned reports and not for any other notification.


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If anyone has any questions, please contact us at 973-466-2567.