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Inspection and Compliance Bureau

The Inspection & Compliance Bureau (ICB) is the regulatory and enforcement branch of the PVSC. Collectively, this Bureau ensures that Users' discharge requirements are met, so that the PVSC plant is protected from Upset and Pass-Through of pollutants. These efforts have greatly reduced, for example, incoming heavy metals loadings over the last two decades, resulting in an exceptional quality (EQ) or Class A bio-solids material that is beneficially re-used. The ICB consists of four Units, these include:.

  • The Bureau's User Charge & Permit Management Unit reviews applications for and issues Sewer Use Permits, verifies and processes the data used to calculate user charges, and reviews Industrial User monthly monitoring reports for compliance determination.
  • The Industrial Monitoring Unit oversees Industrial Users for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations by reviewing their pre-treatment plans, analyzing compliance reports, sampling industrial discharges and performing on-site inspections. They have an On-Call Inspector around-the-clock, which provides for effective and timely responses to spill events or illegal discharge activities.
  • The Pollution Prevention Unit goes beyond regulatory requirements and incorporates a proactive approach to protecting the treatment works. They institute non-traditional, innovative methods to reduce the discharge of pollutants from non-industrial, non-permitted users. The program requires photo-developers to utilize silver recovery units, and food processing establishments to implement procedures to remove grease and/or to install grease traps or inceptors.
  • The Connections Unit reviews applications for sewer connections, and their Sewer Connection Municipal Rebate Incentive Program provides for a rebate to municipalities that assist the PVSC in collecting sewer connection fees. Participating municipalities receive a rebate of up to 15% of the sewer connections fees collected in that town. This provides them with a revenue stream while ensuring PVSC properly tracks and assesses the gallonage from all new sewer hook-ups and changes in use or discharge intensity.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To notify PVSC of a spill, operational upset or other problem defined by PVSC Rules and Regulations Please call: Monday - Friday 8:15am to 4:15pm - (973)817-5712 - All other times call PVSC Plant Security - Call (973) 817-5858