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User Charge and Permit Management

The User Charge and Permit Management unit oversees the PVSC’s User Charge system which includes the preparation of invoices and billing of municipalities along with tax-exempt, industrial and non-industrial users. This information is obtained by reviewing and processing Industrial User Charge Self-Monitoring Reports and municipal water consumption data.

The unit oversees the administrative responsibilities for PVSC regulatory mandates, as well as issuing all PVSC Sewer Use Permits for both Industrial and Contractual Indirect Discharger (CID) users. Staff receives, reviews and processes both Sewer Use and CID applications and issues Letters of Authorization for the processing of wastewaters other than industrial, such as groundwater, construction and contaminated rainwater.

The User Charge and Permit Management unit also ensures that industrial user discharge requirements are met, so that the PVSC plant is protected from upset and pass-through of pollutants. Staff reviews and processes all monthly monitoring reports for determining compliance with federal categorical and PVSC local limits. Personnel initiate Notices of Violation and legal action when necessary to return users to compliance. They also initiate Notices of Violation of PVSC Rules & Regulations, or applicable state and federal regulations.

Other functions include adjusting the Tax Assessed Values (TAV) and issuing Ad Valorem Tax Adjustments for all users located in the Ad Valorem communities, fielding daily calls from customers and municipalities regarding User Charge Invoices and permitting issues, and obtaining all required information relative to the Division for the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). The unit is also responsible for the issuance of three (3) Annual Reports to the NJDEP - The IPP Annual Report, the CWEA Annual Report and the Grace Period Annual Report.

To request a Sewer Use Application, information on discharging groundwater or dilute wastewater to the sanitary sewer, or information on your user charge and pretreatment self-monitoring reports:


Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission
Attn: User Charge and Permit Management
600 Wilson Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07105




Sal Biondo 973-466-3091 or Laura Marchitto 973-817-5905


PVSC assesses an application fee of $750 to cover a portion of the administrative cost to review the Application and draft a Sewer Use Permit. The fee is required to be included with the application. If PVSC determines that a Permit is not required, half of the $750 fee will be refunded.

For general information or questions concerning PVSC's User Charge and Permit Management functions, call 973-466-3091/5905, and you will be connected to the appropriate person.