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New Jersey Business Action Center
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Business Enhancement

Business Enhancement Services for Municipalities and Districts

As part of its work with and for NJ’s municipalities, NJBAC focuses on helping to elevate business prosperity in communities with mixed-use commercial districts in NJ. These Business Enhancement Services include projects for which we:

  • Provide support for local business enhancement goals to local governments and district management entities;
  • Share technical assistance and guidance for creating and sustaining effective and resilient local economies made up of successful businesses; and
  • Connect our clients with technical and financial resources and programs to foster and facilitate district revitalization.

NJBAC provides Business Enhancement Services to any NJ municipality or managed district, whether urban, rural, or suburban, North, South, or Central Jersey, down the Shore or up in the Highlands.

Need Help In Revitalizing Your Business Districts?

Municipal officials and leaders of district management entities working to foster prosperity in their districts can contact NJBAC for assistance, feedback, and problem-solving on singular issues and opportunities, or support and guidance for more comprehensive questions and goals. 

To that end, NJBAC Business Enhancement Services for municipalities and districts may include:

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