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About the CTA

At the end of 2022 the New Jersey Business Action Center (NJ BAC) was designated by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ CRC) to build and launch the Cannabis Training Academy (NJ CTA), a no-cost technical assistance, training and mentorship program that supports eligible  cannabis entrepreneurs who wish to apply for a cannabis license in New Jersey.

At the heart of the NJ CTA exists 10 levels of more than 60 modules that educate students on the NJ CRC application process. Students will learn what it takes to apply for a cannabis license, and understand the required documents needed to be considered for a cannabis license.

To help CTA students understand the cannabis application process, NJBAC has contracted with dozens of qualified instructors and mentors who are currently supporting, consulting, teaching or working within the cannabis industry. This support is critical to ensure that prospective cannabis applicants get the support they need to confidently apply for a cannabis license within the state of New Jersey.

These courses are all available online, and the academy will be learned-led, so students can complete their courses at their own pace and at their own time. Courses will be a combination of pre-recorded webinars followed by scheduled, virtual question-and-answer sessions, where students can ask specific questions and receive non-legal guidance and direction from designated instructors.

The first three levels of the Cannabis Training Academy are open to the general public and anyone is invited to register at no cost. This is to assist with the discernment process of whether to pursue licensure as well as to provide general education about the history of cannabis and progress to normalize safe cannabis use. Levels four through nine are open to individuals who either live in, plan to locate their business in or hire from the NJ CRC-designated Impact Zones.

The goal of the technical assistance and training program is to ensure equitable and diverse representation in the cannabis industry.

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