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Workforce Development Services

The team at the NJBAC can advise on available workforce development services, programs, systems and networks that provide employers with access to people with education, skill development for employment and advancement in the labor market.

The New Jersey Career Connections website provides direct access for business looking to hire. For more information: careerconnections/for_businesses.shtml

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development offers grants to eligible businesses looking to hire. For a complete list of grant programs: workforce_programs_index.html

Apprenticeship is a career pathway comprised of learn-while-you-earn and educational/ instructional components. For apprentices, apprenticeship is a job and an opportunity to learn specialized skills that lead to permanent, sustaining careers. For employers, apprenticeship is an opportunity to develop a future workforce that is nimble, educated, and trained to your specifications and needs. For more information: apprenticeship/index.html

On-the-Job Training (OJT) incentives are designed to compensate employers for the time spent training new employees. These programs also strengthen New Jersey’s workforce by training workers to succeed in today’s labor market. For more information: careerconnections/hire/hiring/ grants/on_the_job_training_incentives.shtml

The New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce & Economic Development provides employers with skills training for incumbent or prospective employees. At the same time, the Consortium helps veterans, the unemployed and the underemployed get the training they need to find good jobs and careers with companies that need their skills. For more information:

Council of County Colleges
Each year, New Jersey’s 19 community colleges enroll nearly 150,000 students in noncredit continuing and professional education programs. Businesses, industries, individuals, and health and government agencies throughout the state take advantage of these affordable and accessible programs to improve productivity, learn new skills, change jobs, or change careers.

New Jersey’s community colleges offer hundreds of continuing and professional education programs that lead to licensure, certification and career opportunities. For more information:

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