Department of Labor & Workforce Development (LWD)


The Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) helps broaden the skills of the State's world-class workforce through the statewide One-Stop Career Center system; provides vital income security to workers who are unemployed or unable to work due to illness, accident, or injury; equitably enforces New Jersey's labor laws and standards; analyzes the State's labor market and demographic information; helps  individuals with disabilities succeed in the workplace; promotes labor management harmony and protects the health and safety of workers on the job. The Department also provides funding for job training to employed, unemployed, and underemployed workers, enabling them to align their skills with the needs of businesses.


The Department will report key performance indicators across the following Core Missions:

  1. Workforce Development
  2. Income Security
  3. Workers’ Compensation
  4. Labor Standards and Safety Enforcement




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