Department of Transportation

Information Technology

Mission Statement

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''To provide innovative technology solutions that facilitate
improved delivery of services to the motoring public.''

IT Vision Statement

The Department will support the New Jersey Governor's and Commissioner's Vision in the following way: the evolving IT environment will consist of the standard hardware and software supported by the Division of Information Technology today, plus many additional tools which will further provide the effective delivery of integrated data exchange, and easy access to the Department of Transportation customers, and all other customers we serve. Client tools, such as graphical report writers and query tools; middleware which offers access to mainframe data from the workstation; distributed databases which allow users efficient access to key department data; web enabled technology and an open network architecture will all be vital components of the client/server environment. Management Systems will be implemented that provide enhanced data collection as well as improved cost management dissemination capabilities. Wherever possible the Department of Transportation will advantage itself by participating in Enterprise initiatives.

IT Bureaus

Bureau of Security and Services

This Bureau is the first point of contact for all PC end users. Phone and on-site assistance to end users is available through the Help Desk service which addresses all daily PC user issues including software, PC hardware and peripheral equipment (printers, scanners, monitor's, etc.) Logon ID's (DOTNET, FMIS, CFS, and MACS-E), and password problems. All desktop PC problems should be referred to this unit which in turn will determine whether additional assistance from Network Operations, OIT, or other parties is necessary. This unit also installs new PCs, coordinates our PC software training program, and sponsors PC end user newsletters and forums.

Bureau of Applications Development and Systems Support

This Bureau is primarily responsible for the modification or development of software applications at NJDOT in either the PC or mainframe environments. For most major applications, this unit will coordinate application development by OIT/DOT or third-party software developers. Coordination may take the form of developing user requirements, drafting RFPs, providing oversight of OIT/DOT or third-party developers during application development, and final testing of the application to ensure our requirements have been met. In some cases, primarily small PC based applications this unit will also design and program new applications using in-house staff.

Bureau of IT Project Management Office

This Project Management Office is primarily responsible for documenting and tracking IT projects submitted by NJDOT business units. The PMO office is responsible for scheduling and facilitating the periodic Executive Sponsor meetings as well as tracking the progress of all IT Projects. The PMO coordinates resources with the requesting business units, and assigns IT Project Managers who act as liasions for the project with the business units and, if required, OIT. The PMO also meets regularly with OIT/DOT developers and project managers to monitor progress on projects assigned to OIT resources. This includes the development, maintenance, and annual renewal of the Department's Information Technology Strategic Plan (coordinating with the Directors Office), and providing technical support for the preparation and monitoring of information systems budgets for NJDOT, OIT, and vendor projects.

Bureau of Information Management and Technology Planning

This Bureau is responsible for planning and coordinating the development of department data resources in a manner that avoids duplication and promotes easy and open access to data throughout the Department. Included in this unit is support for the development of GIS referenced data and access to data throughout the Department. Also included is the development and maintenance of a department-wide data dictionary that identifies all department data resources, where the data is located, and who is responsible for its upkeep (data stewardship). In addition, all Data Warehouse initiatives and maintenance are coordinated through this office.

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