Department of Transportation


Transportation asset management is the process through which transportation assets are managed across their life cycle. Engineering science is applied to ensure the right preservation treatment or work is done at the right time to minimize the costs of asset ownership, providing safe and reliable roads. Transportation is a service used by nearly every citizen every day and a well-maintained, efficient transportation system is fundamental to the health of New Jersey’s economy. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has made a pledge to its constituent communities embodied in five core values that guide the NJDOT’s new mission and its “Commitment to Communities” initiative: inform, innovate, collaborate, empower, and evolve. In addition, NJDOT is committed to achieve consistent progress through focused investments to keeping infrastructure in a State of Good Repair (SOGR).

FHWA issued its 2020 Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Consistency Determination which affirmed that NJDOT developed and implemented a TAMP consistent with 23 USC 119 and 23 CFR 515 requirements. The Department is required to complete a FHWA compliant TAMP every four years, along with an annual consistency review and determination. The NJ 2022 TAMP addresses federal asset management and performance management reporting requirements associated with pavement and bridge assets. The NJ 2022 TAMP outlines a risk-based, performance-driven process that informs and guides transportation investment decisions for NJDOT and non-NJDOT NHS owners. Performance measures, targets and SOGR objectives are primary components of the TAMP. The planning-level document details NJDOT’s plan for establishing SOGR objectives and investment strategies to manage pavement and bridge asset condition for New Jersey’s transportation system, both the National Highway System (NHS) and State Highway System (SHS). The NJ 2022 TAMP is an important foundation for our mission to provide a world-class transportation system.

Having an Asset Management policy and performance-based planning approach are a high priority at NJDOT as it is imperative to spend public dollars wisely. It is important that Asset Management practices help to achieve these goals of ensuring accountability, performance management, and transparency. This plan will assist state decision-makers with their transportation investment choices and help inform and educate all of NJDOT’s transportation partners, stakeholders, and citizens about the needs, goals, and objectives of its critical transportation infrastructure and highway network. This set of Fact Sheets summarizes the TAMP in 10 pages

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