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Welcome to NJSTART, the New Jersey Department of Treasury's new eProcurement system, which puts the power to do business with the State into your hands.
On October 15, 2015, the NJSTART vendor registration interface to the New Jersey Comprehensive Financial System (NJCFS) was implemented. This is a real-time update to the NJCFS vendor file based on the information entered online in NJSTART by the procurement vendor. The data interfaced also includes Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) registration information. ONLY procurement vendors will make use of this registration process at this time.

Important: Procurement Vendors are defined by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as vendors with the vendor types listed below:
  • CG - Construction goods
  • CS - Construction services
  • HC - Health care
  • LG - Legal services
  • VG - Vendors who sell/manufacture goods
  • VS - Vendors who render a service
Two major benefits of the NJSTART/NJCFS Vendor Registration interface are:
  • Procurement vendors will be able to control the entry and modifications of their Business Names, Addresses, Tax Information, ACH Registration, and similar information without contacting New Jersey staff.

  • The vendor codes of new procurement vendors will be established on NJCFS with a non-tax id based vendor code to facilitate protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • In conjunction with the implementation of the new interface, OMB will no longer accept, from vendors or agencies, any W9 forms, ACH Registrations, Address and Name changes, or any other updates for the procurement vendor types listed above. All such requests will be rejected and the vendor will instead be directed to the NJSTART online registration site. If assistance is needed, the procurement vendor will be directed to the NJSTART vendor Help Desk at:
    Phone: 609.341.3500                 E-mail

    OMB will continue to process W9’s and other requests for non-procurement vendors as usual. An edit will exist in NJCFS that will no longer permit the update of vendor records pertaining to procurement vendors through NJCFS.

  • Travel reimbursements will NOT go through NJSTART.

  • Existing vendors (currently in NJCFS) who do not need to make any changes to existing information (i.e. name, address, ach) – do NOT need to register in NJSTART.
“V” Numbers
NJSTART Vendor Codes begin with a “V”. For example, V0000078900 will be a NJSTART vendor code. All vendor codes within NJSTART will display a “V” number. New vendor codes established through NJSTART will have a “V” number on the NJCFS side. In addition, new remittance addresses established on NJSTART for previously existing NJCFS vendors will have a “V” number on the NJCFS side.

Existing NJCFS TIN-Based Vendor Codes
When a procurement vendor registers with NJSTART, their NJCFS TIN-based vendor number(s) and all the associated vendor data will be synced with NJSTART. The NJCFS TIN-based vendor numbers will be displayed in the alternate id field within the remittance address of the NJSTART registered vendor. A “V” number will exist on the NJSTART side but the original Tax Identification Number (TIN)-based vendor code will continue to exist on NJCFS. Only a new remittance address entered into NJSTART will result in a “V” number on the NJCFS side for a previously existing NJCFS vendor.

VEND Table Record Type
The VEND table Record Type field displays the ownership or origination of the vendor record types are “BS” for BuySpeed (the generic name of the NJSTART application); “AS” for Accounting System (NJCFS); or “PV” for MACS-E. After NJSTART takes ownership of a vendor record (through add or update), the Record type on the NJCFS VEND table is automatically set to “BS”. At this time, an edit no longer allows updates to the vendor record within NJCFS.

Importance of Vendor Name (VNAM) Table
The VNAM table of NJCFS should be used to determine the vendor code listing for a vendor within NJCFS. No longer can the tax id be used to determine the vendor code. A new vendor code or a new remittance address vendor code established through NJSTART will no longer be TIN-based. A lookup by Name will provide all possible vendor codes and leafing to VEND will provide the actual remittance address. Use of TIN-Based vendor codes should be avoided if a “V” number established via NJSTART is available.

Based on the use of non-TIN based vendor codes as established through NJSTART for procurement vendors and the use of an Employee ID for employee payments, NJCFS will be moving away from TIN based vendor codes as much as possible. In the future, a conversion will be completed to generate non-TIN based vendor codes for all payees. Agencies should prepare their internal systems for this eventuality.

Last updated date: February 4, 2020 2:20 PM