Department of Transportation

Mobility and Systems Engineering

Testing Forms
Contractors shall use the testing forms provided in the list below unless otherwise specified for performing the testing and acceptance of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) facilities. Complete and submit the testing forms as specified.

The files listed below are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files, which is available free from our state Adobe Access page.

704.03.01-General System (GS)
  - Communication Cable (129k)

704.03.02-Camera Surveillance System (CSS)
  - CSS-Camera Surveillance System-Level A, B & C (819k)

704.03.03-Fiber Optic Cable (FOC)
  - FOC-Fiber Optic Cable-Level 1 (132k)
  - FOC-Fiber Optic Cable-Level 2 (152k)
  - Network Communication System (Type Ethernet) (171k)

704.03.04-Controlled Traffic Signal System (CTSS)
  - ASCT-Adaptive Signal Control Technology (1.2m)

704.03.05-Travel Time Systems (TTS)
  - TTS-Travel Time System-Level A (130k)
  - TTS-Travel Time System-Level B (211k)
  - TTS-Travel Time System-Level C (138k)
  - TTSC – Travel Times System C – Level A, B, & C (618k)

704.03.06-Road Weather Information System (RWIS)
  - RWIS-Road Weather Information System-Level A (162k)
  - RWIS-Road Weather Information System-Level B (130k)
  - RWIS-Road Weather Information System-Level C (234k)

704.03.07-Dynamic Message System (DMS)
  - DMS-Dynamic Message System-Level A, B & C (679k)

704.03.08-Weigh in Motion System (WIMS)
  - WIMS-Weigh in Motion System-Level A 164(k)
  - WIMS-Weigh in Motion System-Level C (150k)

704.03.09-Traffic Volume System (TVS)
  - TVS-Traffic Volume System-Level A (155k)
  - TVS-Traffic Volume System-Level C (145k)

General procedures for completion and submission of Testing Forms
(pdf 4.3m)

ITS Testing Forms Sign Off List (pdf 4.3m)

Instructions to designers:
  • If project design provides ITS facilities for which testing forms provided in the list above are not applicable, the designer must prepare the additional testing forms and submit to MSE or other responsible ITS SMEs for review and approval prior to Final Design Submission to NJDOT. Designer incorporates the approved testing forms into project Special Provisions.

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