Department of Transportation


Rail safety is a priority for the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), who administers a safety inspection program for the transport of hazardous materials by rail, and a program for improvements to public rail crossings. In addition, NJDOT follows through on a number of safety programs sponsored by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Placarded Rail Car Safety Inspection Program

NJDOT administers the Placarded Rail Car Safety Inspection Program through its Bureau of Freight Services to promote the safe transportation of hazardous materials by rail. The program ensures that consignees, shippers, container manufacturers, freight yards, freight forwarders and freight carriers are aware of and follow the federal Hazardous Materials Regulations.

For handling rail hazardous material emergencies, NJDOT’s Emergency Response Groups facilitate planning for emergency actions.

Railroad Crossings

NJDOT’s Railroad Engineering and Safety Unit is responsible for all reviews and programs involving changes and improvements to all public rail crossings in New Jersey that are designed in compliance with Federal Railroad Administration guidelines.

The Unit conducts a Diagnostic Team Review on
  • All changes to railroad at-grade crossings.
  • All matters related to Quiet Zone crossing applications.
  • Any Local Aid project within 1000 feet of an at-grade crossing on the approach roadway.
  • Any project that is parallel to a railroad within 200 feet.
Note that these projects include bridges and tunnels.

Last updated date: August 7, 2019 10:05 AM