Department of Transportation

Data Downloads

Project data has been formatted for use by the general public in the form of maps and for transportation professionals in the form of Geographic Information System (GIS) data.

The facility data collected for the project is available in Personal Geodatabase and in Shape Files format.

Personal Geodatabase downloads are in .mdb file format within a compressed zip file format. Shape Files are in zip file format.

Personal Geodatabase

Users with access to Environmental Systems Research Institute's (ESRI) line of professional ArcGIS software may use the feature data stored in the following zipped ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.mdb) files.

Download the following zipped files to your computer and unzip before using:

Atlantic (zip 475k) Gloucester (zip 427k) Ocean (zip 1.1m)
Bergen (zip 862k) Hudson (zip 378k) Passaic (zip 578k)
Burlington (zip 617k) Hunterdon (zip 443k) Salem (zip 390k)
Camden (zip 686k) Mercer (zip 1.6m) Somerset (zip 609k)
Cape May (zip 314k) Middlesex (zip 532k) Sussex (zip 549k)
Cumberland (zip 701k) Monmouth (zip 963k) Union (zip 441k)
Essex (zip 522k) Morris (zip 609k) Warren (zip 503k)
View the data in the personal geodatabase format with one of ESRI's ArcGIS suite of products including ArcMap, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo. You must have version 8.3 or later of the ESRI ArcGIS products to view the data. The ESRI ArcGIS product suite is the industry standard professional Geographic Information System (GIS) software used extensively by education, government, and private industries.

Shape Files
For users without ESRI ArcGIS software, the facility data is also available in the following zipped ESRI Shape Files. Download the following zipped files to your computer and unzip before using:

Entire State Shape Files Download (zip 30.8m)

Atlantic (zip 938k) Gloucester (zip 986k) Ocean (zip 2.2m)
Bergen (zip 1.8m) Hudson (zip 649k) Passaic (zip 1.1m)
Burlington (zip 1.3m) Hunterdon (zip 930k) Salem (zip 896k)
Camden (zip 1.2m) Mercer (zip 720k) Somerset (zip 1.3m)
Cape May (zip 650k) Middlesex (zip 1.2m) Sussex (zip 1.4m)
Cumberland (zip 1.3mk) Monmouth (zip 1.4m) Union (zip 753k)
Essex (zip 1m) Morris (zip 1.2m) Warren (zip 1m)

View this data using products such as the free ESRI's Web site from ESRI; or download this free product from ESRI's Web site along with additional information about all ESRI GIS software products or Download ArcExplorer Viewer (zip 42.4m).

Additional information about the route numbering and milepost information used to reference the data is available from County and Municipal Codes (pdf 106k).

Images collected for the project are unavailable from this Web site. Counties or Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) may access the images only if they contact us and arrange to obtain a copy of the images for a specific county or region.

Last updated date: February 19, 2020 10:28 AM