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Division of Property Management and Construction

Lists and Publications

Form Name Form Description
Procedures for Architects and Engineers, 3.0 Edition
Plan Review Instructions Instructions for Submitting Plans
Instructions to Bidders and General Conditions Revised December 2015
Circular Letter 08-06 PMC/OMB Disposal of Surplus State Real Property and Granting of Easements/Licenses Across State Lands
Circular Letter 13-15-DPP Purchases from Federal Supply Schedules or Schedules of Other Federal Procurement Programs
Circular Letter 13-02-DPMC Rules and Regulations for State Using Agency Occupying State Leased or Owned Properties
Circular Letter 21-02-DPP Delegated Purchasing Authority (DPA)
Circular Letter 97-10 State Employee Location Coding
Circular Letter 95-22 Building Condemnation and Demolition
Circular Letter 95-21 Acquisitions of Real Property by State Agencies
Circular Letter 95-21 Leasing Out of State Real Property
Circular Letter 88-07 Transfer of Real Property between State Agencies
Debarment Directory Individuals and firms not permitted to bid on State contracts.
How To Do Business with DPMC An overview of how contractors may be eligible for State contracts.

Last Updated: Monday, 10/03/22