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Division of Property Management and Construction

Consultant Details

The DPMC will review and verify the experience, capabilities and staffing information provided by the firm, in addition to its financial stability, to determine the professional disciplines for which the firm is qualified and the maximum construction cost dollar level for each discipline. This dollar rating is based on the number of licensed staff and the firm's project experience on completed projects in the discipline(s) requested. The DPMC will assign a prequalification and dollar level justified by applicable project experience, licensed staff, management and staffing depth and length of time in business, and financial stability. The result of this evaluation process is the firm's prequalification.

DPMC will complete its review and notify the firm of the results by mail within 30 calendar days of receipt of a fully completed prequalification form.

It is incumbent upon each firm prequalified by the DPMC to update and keep current all prequalification [forms] certifications such as those issued by the NJ Boards of Architecture & Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors, and to notify the DPMC of any significant changes in the firm's organization or status.

Firms may increase their technical qualification for a specific project by entering into a joint venture with another firm. Each individual firm of the joint venture must be separately prequalified, and one of the firms shall have been prequalified at the level stipulated in the project advertisement.

Last Updated: Monday, 03/23/20