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Division of Property Management and Construction

Project Advertisements for Energy Savings Improvement Projects

The State of New Jersey, Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC) is continually pursuing energy programs in order to enhance the performance of building systems that will generate utility and operational savings.? Energy performance contracting may present opportunities in a number of State facilities to benefit and create savings.? Pursuant to the Energy Savings Improvement Program Law (“ESIP Law”), N.J.S.A. 52:34-25 , et seq., the DPMC is requesting proposals from classified Energy Services Companies (“ESCOs”), Classification Code (C036), to develop and implement an Energy Savings Plan through a customized Energy Savings Implementation Program for the facilities listed on this page.? The State expects that the ESCOs will provide proposals setting forth energy conservation measures (“ECMs”) for the facility in which the cost of the ECMs is paid for by the savings produced by the improvements.

Project Number Project Description/Location Pre-Proposal Meeting Date Proposal Due Date Status


None at this time.




Last Updated: Monday, 08/17/20