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Evaluation of Other Educators

Although evaluation rubrics for educators other than teachers and principals (e.g. nurses, librarians, supervisors, etc.) may differ based on their specific roles, all educators in certificated positions in New Jersey must be appropriately evaluated.

How are staff members not specifically in a teacher or principal/AP position evaluated?

For those professionals in certificated positions other than teacher, principal, or AP/VP, districts have some discretion in determining evaluation criteria. Overviews have been developed by the Department to aid districts and can be found below:

The Department has also compiled a list of FAQ specific to school librarians which can be found here.

What specific frameworks are available for measuring the effectiveness of educators other than teachers or principals?

Several frameworks have been designed by professional organizations in partnership with the Department and are available for districts to adopt for these educators. While the Department does not require the use of these instruments, we support the educator groups in their efforts to promote the use of tools that address the specific job responsibilities of their members. As the Department continues to develop guidance for staff members in specialized roles, we will continue to learn from these groups and their partner districts during their first year of utilizing these evaluation instruments, which are listed below:

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