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To enhance the marketing of New Jersey seafood products and therefore support the viability and profitability of the Garden State’s seafood industry.  The Division of Marketing and Development is working aggressively to integrate the seafood industry more into the state’s overall agricultural landscape, to pursue the branding and marketing of our seafood products and aid in restoring the waterways that produce our fish and shellfish.

The Division efforts in developing and expanding markets for the seafood industry include the promotion of the vast array of seafood products that are harvested off our coast to wholesale buyers, industry members and consumers. These marketing efforts are conducted under the Jersey Seafood banner, a program similar to the nationally recognized Jersey Fresh program. 

  • Advocating for State Seafood Industry

    The Division organizes trade missions and trade show exhibits to promote seafood products that are harvested and processed in New Jersey.

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  • Jersey Seafood Website

    To offer a variety of up to date information about our industry and products, the Department developed and maintains a “Jersey Seafood” website at, where visitors can find seafood recipes, health and nutrition tips and a list of suppliers, exporters, importers and product research information. 

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  • Grant Assistance

    The Division plays a crucial role in working with seafood industry members to identify grant opportunities.  In 2005, the USDA’s Rural Development Program partnered with the Department of Agriculture on a $47,100 grant to a group of seven aquaculture producers to market bagged clams under the “Jersey Seafood” label.

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  • Economic Development Strategies for Seafood Industry

    Each year, the Department promulgates a series of economic development initiatives, covering issues such as developing seafood restaurant promotions and branding, supporting direct marketing opportunities and aiding in the development of value-added seafood products.

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  • Contact

    Christine Fries

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