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“Jersey Raised” Livestock Pilot Marketing Program

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) is launching the “Jersey Raised” pilot marketing program for livestock raised in New Jersey. It will be the only official NJDA livestock marketing program.

This program is open to New Jersey producers of beef, bison, pork, goat, lamb/sheep, and poultry during this pilot period.

To use the “Jersey Raised” logo on labels or in marketing, products must:

  • Come from domestic animals raised in New Jersey for a minimum period of time based on species.
    1. Beef Cattle/Bison – 8 months
    2. Veal – 4 months
    3. Hogs/Pork – 3 months
    4. Lamb – 3 months (Hothouse/Spring Lamb 9 weeks)
    5. Goat – 3 months
    6. Chicken/poultry – 5 weeks (poultry includes chicken, duck, goose, pheasant, etc.)
    7. Turkeys – 10 weeks
  • All meats must be processed at a USDA inspected facility.

  • All meat marketed in the program shall be cuts that would fall in/under the following parts: primal, sub-primal, and fabricated cuts. Products such as sausages, bacon, and jerky will be considered during application process.

  • Standard USDA Quality Grading criteria will be followed specific to each species

    1. Cattle – “Choice” or better, “Select +” for Grass Fed
    2. Veal – “Choice” or better
    3. Pork – “Acceptable” quality color range 3 – 5, marbling range 2 – 4
    4. Lamb –“ Choice” or better
    5. Goat – live type conformation of “Selection 2” or better
    6. Poultry – “Grade A” for whole birds
    7. Turkey – “Grade A” for whole birds

  • Livestock must not exceed the age limits as defined by the USDA Grading program for each species.  

  • Producer must be registered with the “Jersey Raised” pilot program using this APPLICATION.

  • If including the “Jersey Raised” logo on product labels, label artwork must be submitted to Nikki Steward at and pre-approved by the NJDA before printing. Separate labels with just the “Jersey Raised” logo may be affixed to existing packaging as long as producer is registered in the program.

  • Participants in this pilot program will be required to re-register once permanent rules are passed or updated.

  • Participants in the pilot program will be required to present back up documents and display product upon request by an NJDA designated official for review in order for the official to verify the cut fits the criteria to be marketed in the program. Violators will be subject to revocation of program participation.

  • All producers must meet or exceed the standards published in the Humane Treatment of Domestic Livestock developed by the NJDA Division of Animal Health. Animals must be handled humanely during their entire life and slaughtered in facilities meeting the AVMA guidelines for humane slaughter.

  • Any livestock marketed as “Jersey Raised” must be free of USDA/NJDA notifiable diseases

The NJDA will promote this program through various marketing methods. This program will continue for a period of 18 months and the above terms will be re-evaluated and updated at that time, as needed.