Translator Disclaimers

Pursuant to statute, the Division of Audits is empowered by the Board to examine and audit duly designated public utilities and other regulated entities subject to the Board’s jurisdiction.  The Division consists of two Bureaus, which report to the Director.

Financial Audit Bureau
The Bureau of Financial Audits performs audits of Basic Generation Supply and Basic Gas Supply Service costs, utility construction programs, environmental remediation expenditures and New Jersey One Call related expenses. The Bureau also assists other agencies in investigations of public utilities and other regulated entities, maintains and reviews annual reports filed by all New Jersey public utilities and assists the Board’s Office of Budget and Fiscal with the Board’s annual assessment program. The Bureau is responsible for the licensing of third-party energy suppliers, energy agents and private aggregators and for issuing authority for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers for inter-exchange telecommunications services. The Bureau also assists the Universal Service Fund (USF) program staff with financial matters related to the USF program Budgets and collection and disbursements of USF funds.

Management Audit Bureau
The Bureau of Management Audits reviews the operations and management of gas, electric and water utilities with the goal of seeking efficiency and accountability of actions in order to assure safe, adequate and proper service. The goal of efficiency reflects endeavors to improve the future operations and management of each utility. This Bureau has investigated and recommended courses of actions to the Board on issues such as restructuring, electric outages and reliability of service, gas explosions, compliance reviews, competitive services, affiliate relations and telephone financial integrity. Under the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act (EDECA) of 1999, the Staff of this Bureau has supervised competitive service compliance reviews which are performed by independent consultants per EDECA.