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The Division of Energy oversees the operations of the gas and electric utilities in New Jersey and makes policy recommendations to ensure that these regulated utilities provide safe, adequate service at reasonable rates while complying with the New Jersey Statutes and the New Jersey Administrative Code.  The Division of Energy is also charged with recommending modifications to existing rules and mandates as needed in order to adapt to current market conditions, policy trends, and technology which allows the Board to fulfill its legal duties under New Jersey Statute. The Division coordinates the Basic Generation Service (BGS) auction, as well as Utility Consolidated Billing and Purchase of Receivables.  The Division is comprised of the following three bureaus:


Bureau of Revenue Requirements
The Bureau of Revenue Requirements analyzes issues associated with determining revenue requirements, setting rates, reviewing tariffs and addressing tax and depreciation issues.  The Bureau reviews utility costs in base rate cases, remediation adjustment clause proceedings, societal benefit clause proceedings, and basic gas supply proceedings to certify that they are properly accounted for and prudently incurred. The Bureau reviews the local distribution company gas supply portfolios to ensure that they have sufficient capacity and supply to meet customer requirement forecasts as well as analyze their supply portfolio to minimize and stabilize costs for ratepayers.

Bureau of Rates and Tariffs
The Bureau of Rates and Tariffs analyzes rate and tariff design proposals in base rate cases to ensure that they result in reasonable rates, while encouraging conservation and avoiding subsidization.  The Bureau analyzes tariff filings, merger and acquisitions filings, competitive services filings, affiliate relations filings, and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) filings to ensure that the costs involved are properly accounted for and prudently incurred.  Another major role of the Bureau is to continue to facilitate utility transition to open competition. The Bureau also investigates customer complaints regarding rate issues.

Bureau of Engineering Services
The Bureau of Engineering Services monitors Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), PJM Interconnection and regional transmission matters to ensure that New Jersey’s interests are protected.  The Bureau reviews the utilities’ service interruptions to ensure that they do not exceed Board standards.  The Bureau analyzes electric transmission siting filings, and evaluates vegetation management matters. Furthermore, they investigate customer complaints regarding main extensions, service interruptions, and safety issues.

Utility Consolidated Billing and Purchase of Receivables
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