State of New Jersey
Department of Corrections
"Protecting Public Safety by Changing Offender Behavior"
                         Victoria L. Kuhn, Esq.

Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement: Special Education in State Prisons

ATTENTION: If you are or were incarcerated in a New Jersey prison at any point after January 11, 2015, and meet any of the following four descriptions, then you may be a member of the proposed settlement class affected by this lawsuit:
  1. you were identified as being entitled to special education services and reasonable educational accommodations, or
  2. you had a verified Individual Education Program (“IEP”) during or before your time in prison, or
  3. you were diagnosed with an educational disability and an IEP was being developed but was not finished before you were released from prison, or
  4. were born after January 11, 1993, and under 18 years old when you entered prison and did not have a high school diploma when you entered prison.
Please read the following information carefully. Your rights may be affected by legal proceedings in this lawsuit.