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Department of Corrections
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The Grants Management Unit, within the Office of Policy and Planning, is charged with identifying funding opportunities, providing technical support to staff developing grant applications, grant writing, processing of grant applications, fiscal management of grant funds, monitoring of grant activities and grant reporting requirements. The Grants Management Unit also provides technical direction to the organizational units of the New Jersey Department of Corrections to assure compliance with this policy and applicable internal management procedures.

NJDOC applies for and currently manages over $51 million in the following types of Federal, State and private active grants:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Homeland Security
  • Human Services
  • Parenting
  • Women’s Services
  • Victim’s Rights
  • PREA
  • Technology
  • Veteran’s Services

Grant Opportunity - Are you a community agency looking for funding to support reentry programs for those coming home from prison? Check out this new funding opportunity

The New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) thanks you for the opportunity to collaborate on providing services that are in alignment with its mission statement. We encourage organizations and agencies to take advantage of grant offerings as they become available.

Letter of Support requests to the NJDOC for Grant applications or Request For Proposals (RFPs) are submitted via e-mail with information provided on a PDF fillable form. All requests must be submitted at least 12 business days prior to the application/ proposal deadline. Click here for the PDF form and follow these instructions for submitting a Letter of Support request.

  1. The requestor's proposed grant or RFP must not be a duplication of an existing NJDOC program or service. Letter of Support requests which duplicate NJDOC programs or services will be denied.
  2. In compliance with State of New Jersey ethics rules, the NJDOC may provide a Letter of Support to a nonprofit, not for profit or local government entity on a grant application/RFP only if it is a requirement.
  3. Complete the NJDOC Letter of Support Request Form in fillable PDF format by clicking on the PDF link above. All information must be completed. Please attach the completed form to the e-mail. Note: Forms can be saved to your PC for e-mailing upon completion.
  4. The online link to the grant solicitation/RFP must be included on the completed PDF form or the grant solicitation/RFP must be included as an e-mail attachment. Links (preferred) are requested to reduce e-mail size and transmission errors.
  5. The organization's grant abstract or proposal summary must be included as an attachment in the e-mail with the completed PDF form.
  6. An initial draft of a letter of support must be provided to the NJDOC as an attachment in the e-mail with the PDF form.
    The draft letter should contain:
    1. All required language for the letter as directed in the grant/RFP application.
    2. An objective and factual description of how the program fits within the mission and services provided by the NJDOC. Please include the target population, geographic areas, program goals/activities and involvement requested of the NJDOC.
  7. The draft letter should not contain an endorsement of a specific agency or program. Multiple agencies may apply to the NJDOC for letter of support requests on the same funding opportunity.
  8. The NJDOC Grants Management Unit will review and/or edit the draft letter and issue an official signed Letter of Support.
  9. Requests should be submitted allowing at least 12 business days processing time prior to the grant application, project or RFP due date.
  10. Submit the Letter of Support request via electronic and include the following:
    1. The completed PDF form as an attachment
    2. A link (preferred) to the grant solicitation/RFP or attachment of the grant/RFP solicitation
    3. The organization's grant abstract or proposal summary as an attachment
    4. An initial draft letter as an attachment.
  11. Within 72 hours an e-mail confirmation of receipt will be sent from to the e-mail address of the request.
  12. During the determination process, any additional information required by the NJDOC will be requested under separate cover from the Grants Management Unit.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)


If you have any questions regarding NJ LEAD, please email with subject line: NJLEAD Question with appropriate category designation. In an unprecedented move to expand support of reentry services for individuals exiting the state’s correctional system, the New Jersey Department of Corrections has launched launching the New Jersey Locally Empowered, Accountable and Determined (NJ LEAD) $3M grant. The current funding category is:

A. Reintegration Service Coordination in Urban Communities This category will support a Municipal Reintegration Service Coordinator who will serve as the lead convener of interagency interdisciplinary service coordination for the Mayor’s Office and the Chief liaison to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Office of Community Engagement and Reentry Initiatives.

Please download all three items listed below before filling them out.

New Jersey Locally Empowered, Accountable and Determined (NJ LEAD) Content of Subgrant Application Checklist

New Jersey Local, Empowered, Accountable, and Determined (NJ LEAD) Reentry Initiative

NJLEAD Category A: Budget Form November 1, 2021

NJLEAD Category A NGO: Questions and Answers