Office of Education on Self-Directed Services

The Office of Education on Self-Directed Services provides a centralized place for the delivery of education and training for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving services, their families, advocates, support coordinators, interested community partners and other internal and external stakeholders.  The Office does not replace your Support Coordinator in planning, but serves as an additional support to help people understand how self-directed services can work if chosen by the individual.

The Office houses subject matter experts on best practices in self-directed services and is available to provide technical assistance and education. The subject matter experts are focused on educating people and their families as they choose to self-direct their services. They are committed to establishing the most person-centered process as well as educating stakeholders and other community partners so that all people have the ability to achieve their desired outcomes.   This is accomplished through:

  • Education utilizing guidance and tools on the benefits and responsibilities of self-direction.
  • Facilitation of networking meetings with individuals, families, self-advocates, providers and other interested parties.
  • Providing technical assistance for Support Brokerage services to agencies seeking to provide the service and to families seeking to utilize it.
  • Engaging in work to better integrate information on self-directed services into the Division’s service system.

In order to access The Office of Education on Self-Directed Services email    

You can also visit the Self-Directed Services/Self-Direction page for more information.