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How The Employer Role Has Changed

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Your role in the application process has changed. 

You may not be as involved as you were in the past in submitting your employee's application, but your role as a reliable resource is now more important than ever!

We moved to an alternate way of calculating your employees' claims. Good news! It requires less effort from you on the front end, but we'll need you to keep a watchful eye on any benefits approved to your employees.

It All Starts with You

As you report your employees' quarterly earnings to the state, we will use those reported earnings to qualify a claim and establish a weekly benefit amount. A claim will no longer be based on the weekly earnings immediately before their leave, but on the earnings you report for the previous calendar quarters. 

We May Still Need Your Help

In the event that we do not have enough information to approve a claim based on the reported calendar earnings or the employee's statement, you may be required to provide information. In these cases, you may receive in the mail a request for information (form E-10) or request for additional wage information (form E-20). The wage and employment information you provide is required to determine their claim, so please complete and return this form promptly. Failure to do so can result in a denial of benefits and a monetary penalty.

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