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The Waiting Week for Temporary Disability, Explained

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We know that no one wants to wait to get their money.

However, by law, the Temporary Disability Insurance program has a week built into it that is initially unpaid—a period called the “waiting week.”

We pay benefits starting on the eighth day of disability. The first seven days of payment (known as the waiting week) is held until you meet one condition: your unpaid leave continues for a total of 22 days or more.

If your disability continues that long, you will be paid retroactively for the first 7 days.  

Here’s an example: 

1. John's doctor disables him from March 1 through March 14 (14 days unable to work)

We will issue benefits from March 8 through March 14 (7 days of payment) 

2. Later on, John's doctor extends his disability period through March 31. Now he has been unable to work from March 1 through March 31 (31 days) and qualifies for the waiting week.

In his next payment, he'll get benefits for March 15 through March 31, in addition to a retroactive payment for the waiting week (March 1-March 7).


It's important to know:

While the Temporary Disability program is subject to a waiting week, the Family Leave program is not. If applying for Family Leave Insurance, you will be issued benefits for the entire period of leave you are claiming.