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Stakeholder Group

Mission Statement

The mission of the I Choose Home Partnership Group (ICH PG) is to advise policy makers on how to develop a system of community-based care and supports that is consumer-focused and promotes self-direction and choice for people who have been or are currently living in facilities (nursing homes/developmental centers) and are transitioning to living in a community based environment.

The role of the I Choose Home Partnership Group will be to evaluate existing services, identify unmet needs, recommend systemic improvements and continually monitor service delivery.

The I Choose Home Partnership Group will solicit feedback and suggestions from consumers, providers, family members and other key stakeholders about the effectiveness of both ICHNJ and the state's overall effort to move from an institutional to a more community-based system of care and support.

We are a group of individuals selected because we have a vested interest in this important topic. We are uniquely qualified to help policy makers understand the importance of making services available in the least restrictive environment possible for people living in institutional settings, whether a nursing home or a developmental center. We are stakeholders because we are taxpayers who are also:

  • the people receiving services:
  • family members of people who are benefitting or have benefitted from receiving services; and
  • service providers with insight and/or expertise on effective service delivery.

If you are interested in serving on our stakeholder group, please contact Terre Lewis at 609-633-7356 to request an application.

Stakeholder Group
I Choose Home participants/consumers Individuals with disabilities Family caregivers Centers for Independent Living
ADRC/NWD Representatives Housing Representatives HCBS Providers Personal Care Providers
MCO/Case Management Representatives Community Development Specialists Legal Services Attorneys Peer Mentors
Government Agencies/Divisions
(DHS (DDD, DDS, DoAS) and Elder Ombudsman) )

Last Updated: Wednesday, 12/15/21