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CADD Downloads MicroStation v8 English Units

The Contractors are contractually required to follow only the printed bound booklets, namely the NJDOT Standard Construction Details Roadway-Traffic Control-Bridge 2016, the NJDOT General Design Criteria and Standard Drawings for Overhead and Cantilever Sign Support Structures, 2007, and the NJDOT Standard Electrical Details, 2007, as of the date of the contract, and the revised details included as part of the Contract documents.

These files are updated periodically and therefore some revisions may not apply on a given project.

Sample Plans (English Units)
Download Files Revision Date
PDF Format (pdf 98.4m) 06/17/19
Standard Legend Sheet in PDF (577k) and DGN (102k)  

Microstation CADD Support Files
Download Files Revision Date
Cell Libraries (bundle) (zip 2.1m) 02/10/17
Color Table (zip 1k) 04/13/06 (Orig)
Font Resource File (zip 1.1m) 04/13/06 (Orig)
Iplot Pen Tables (zip 75k) 05/28/13
Line Style Resource File (zip 116k) 07/21/22
Seed Files (bundle) (zip 31k) 3/18/08 (Orig)
InRoads Preferences 2009 (zip 2.3m) 08/12/14

CADD Standards Manual (English Units)
Download Files Revision Date
PDF Format only (pdf 250k) 10/06/04

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