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The New Jersey Airport Directory
How can I order copies of the New Jersey Airport Directory? How much is a copy?
The Airport Directory is currently unavailable in print.  You can access the directory information by airport or by city at our Public Use Airports page
License and registration requirements
What are the pilot registration requirements in New Jersey?
None. New Jersey has no state registration requirements or fees for pilots.
What are the aircraft registration requirements in New Jersey?
None. New Jersey has no state registration requirements or fees for aircraft.
What aeronautical activities need to be licensed by New Jersey?
The New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) Bureau of Aeronautics licenses the following activities:
  • Aerial advertising
  • Aerial applications
  • Sport parachute centers
  • Aerial exhibitions
  • Air meets
  • Air races
Contact the Bureau of Aeronautics at 609.963.2100 for more information.
Do I need to be licensed by New Jersey to perform maintenance on aircraft?
No. New Jersey does not require maintenance personnel to be licensed.
What aeronautical activities need to be licensed by New Jersey?
Yes. NJDOT licenses the following aeronautical facilities for Public Use, Restricted Use or Special Use:
  • Airport
  • Airship base
  • Balloonport/Balloonspot
  • Heliport
  • Helistop
  • Landing strip
  • Parachute drop zone
  • Seaplane base
  • Ultralight recreational facility
  • Vertiport
Do I need a license to land a helicopter at my business location?
Yes. You will need to apply for any of the following:
  • Permanent (public use) heliport or vertiport
  • Permanent (special use or restricted use) helistop or vertiport
  • Temporary helistop or vertiport
Security/Search and Rescue
What should I do if I see suspicious activity near or on an airport?
Immediately call the nearest law enforcement authorities to report your information on suspicious activity. Be prepared to give as much detailed information, as possible. Avoid placing yourself or others in danger. Call 911 immediately for any life threatening emergency situation. To help ensure the security of General Aviation (GA) aircraft and airport operations, call the following national, toll-free, hotline number to report suspicious activity 866.GA.SECURE or 866.427.3287. Promptly report information indicating possible criminal activity to your local law enforcement agency.
What is the two-lock system?
There is a Two-Lock System Frequently Asked Questions section that can help you find the information you need.
How can I become a search and rescue volunteer?
Contact the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) membership info hotline at 800.FLY.2388 or online. Don’t forget to check out their CAP Unit Locator for the unit nearest you.
Who is responsible for ensuring flight safety and investigating allegations of unsafe flight?
The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) is the regulatory agency for flight safety. They serve the aviation industry and general public on matters relating to certification and operation of general aviation aircraft, including allegations of unsafe flight operations. Direct complaints to the FSDO office nearest you.
Federal Aviation Administration
Teterboro FSDO, EA25
Park 80 West, Plaza One
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
Phone: 201.556.6600
Fax: 201.556.6623
Federal Aviation Administration
Allentown FSDO, EA-05
961 Marcon Blvd. Suite 111
Allentown, PA 18109-9371
Phone: 610.264.2888
Fax: 610.264.3179
Federal Aviation Administration
Philadelphia Flight Standards District Office 17
2 International Plaza, Suite 110
Philadelphia, Pa. 19113-1504
Phone: 610.595.1500
FAX: 610.595.1519
Does New Jersey have regulations to protect airports from adjacent incompatible land use activities?
Yes. The New Jersey Administrative Code, Chapter 62, (N.J.A.C. CH 62) regulates air safety and zoning including incompatible land uses.
Airplane Noise Abatement
Whom do I contact about noise caused by airplanes?
Federal authorities exclusively regulate aircraft noise. State and local jurisdictions are prohibited from regulating aircraft noise. Most large airports have noise abatement procedures. To discuss FAA oversight on these issues, contact the FSDO nearest you.
Consumer Issues
>Where do I file a complaint about airline consumer issues?
Contact the U.S. Department of Transportation Consumer Protection Division. Each consumer complaint received is recorded against the appropriate airline and published in the USDOT monthly "Air Travel Consumer Report." For more information contact, check them online or write to the following address: Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings
400 Seventh Street, SW, Room 4107
Washington, DC 20590
The FAA 24-hour Consumer Hotline provides general public information on issues such as aircraft child restraints, carry-on baggage, and other FAA monitored topics. You may call their toll-free number at 800.322.7873 or check them online.

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