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2017 Statewide Freight Plan

The 2017 New Jersey Statewide Freight Plan provides NJDOT with updated information and data to address current and near term state of good repair improvements for freight infrastructure, as well as a plan for mid-term needs and efficient long-term growth in the freight system. While NJDOT’s 2007 Comprehensive Statewide Freight Plan provided a foundational story of New Jersey’s intertwined freight transportation network, its operational and policy issues, and its general needs, the 2017 Plan takes the plan further by providing a well-defined blueprint for NJDOT investment in freight infrastructure, identifying discrete projects that immediately address critical freight system improvements.

The 2017 New Jersey Statewide Freight Plan identifies state goals and objectives focused on leveraging freight-centered financial resources to improve the state’s ability to move goods into, out of, through and within New Jersey. Those goals are defined as follows:

  • Improve Safety and Security
  • Strengthen Economic Competitiveness
  • Improve Reliability and Efficiency
  • Enhance System Resiliency
  • Maintain and Renew Infrastructure
  • Support Environmental Stewardship, Local Communities, and Quality of Life
  • Leverage Innovative Technologies and Practices
  • Facilitate Interagency Coordination and Governance
The Federal FAST Act requires that any state that receives funding under the National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) develop a state freight plan that meets specific guidelines within the Act. One of those guidelines is the inclusion of a fiscally constrained Freight Investment Plan (FIP) within the plan. Through its compliance with the FAST Act guidelines, the completion and approval of the 2017 New Jersey Statewide Freight Plan opens up new freight-specific federal funding opportunities to New Jersey and enhances the state’s ability to acquire competitive grant resources.

This investment plan lays out an initial foundation of projects to be funded out of the FAST Act’s National Highway Freight Program (NHFP). This investment plan will be reviewed each year within the context of the approval of NJDOT’s Capital Program. Adjustments to projects and funding levels may occur each year and any corresponding changes to the NJ Statewide Freight Plan itself will be performed at that time in consultation with the Freight Advisory Committee.

2017 Comprehensive Statewide Freight Plan (pdf 57.8m)
2017 Comprehensive Statewide Freight Plan (pdf 8.6m) (Compressed)
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files, which is available for free at our state Adobe Access page.

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